My first ever selfie

This photo has been on my mind a lot lately. It was stashed in a square black box where I kept other photos I’d collected over the years, mostly ones that I had printed with an old disposable film camera. Yeah. A disposable film camera. I’ve actually kept a film camera in the hopes that … Continue reading My first ever selfie


The little things of 2015

I might come back and write a Big Things list later on, but this year has been full of little things. Little moments, little dramas, which didn't feel so little at the time, yet can easily slip into nothingness. So here I am writing about the random, good, sad, and in between little things that … Continue reading The little things of 2015

My ‘one weaknesses’

In a TV show Mum, Nomi and I got addicted to enjoyed watching, there was this postmistress by the name of Dorcas Lane, a hardworking, kind-hearted lady. She had a knack of getting away with buying and doing whatever she wanted to indulge in because it was her ‘one weakness’. Which, as it turned out, … Continue reading My ‘one weaknesses’

Ten things I said I’d never do

It’s so funny the things I said I would never do. I often catch myself doing things that I promised myself I would never do, or liking things I used to think disgusting, or enjoying things I used to  give people a hard time about. I’m glad people can change. Here’s ten things I said … Continue reading Ten things I said I’d never do

a few of my favourite things…

Tenth Avenue North – I really like their CD The Struggle – it talks about how in Jesus, we are free to struggle, but we aren’t struggling to be free.  The things of the world are only a Shadow of the things of God, and after all, we are only Strangers Here in this world.  The … Continue reading a few of my favourite things…