I can’t believe I’m writing a blog about modesty

You know how in conservative Christian circles, it’s (stereotypically speaking) considered immodest to wear spaghetti strap tops and strapless tops and dresses? I grew up with this standard, and was quite happy this way. I’m the sort of girl who will colour neatly inside the lines laid out for me and doesn’t question them. My … Continue reading I can’t believe I’m writing a blog about modesty


How to be a girl

This year I finished reading an old Australian book series called Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce, set in the early 1900's in Victoria, Australia.  The story is set on a cattle station called Billabong, owned by David Linton who, as a single Dad raised his two children, Jim and Norah.  Both my Grandma and Mum … Continue reading How to be a girl

Girlhood Days

I found this blog the other day, and I thought it was pretty good.  It reminded me of a little study me and my mum are doing.  Here is a part of a chapter. "Girlhood days are happy days.  The blush of youth is on your cheeks, and the rich, red blood of youth is in your … Continue reading Girlhood Days