unprocrastinationism is scary

I've been going through a stage where I'm procrastinating on a lot of stuff. I think it's because of several things - I get busy and stressed and everything goes into the too-hard basket, I'm tired, I'm LAZY (big one - 'I just can't be bothered' talk), or it's daunting. Stress paralysed is totally a thing, … Continue reading unprocrastinationism is scary

In which the time management guru learns time management

I haven’t really blogged much for the last six weeks, as you can clearly see. Obviously turning 21 does things to you and leaves you far too busy to write anything! Haha. Time management has actually been a conundrum of mine for the last four or five weeks. Growing up I read all the books … Continue reading In which the time management guru learns time management

The Miracle of the Moment

 It's time for letting go All of our if only's 'Cause we don't have a time machine  And even if we did Would we really want to use it? Would we really want to go change everything?  'Cause we are who and where And what we are for now And this is the only moment … Continue reading The Miracle of the Moment


Howdy all... yes, I'm alive!!  Our family went on holidays for three weeks in January, to spend time with Mum's side of the family and go on a teen and then a family camp.  We had a blast but we were all so happy to get home on Monday! I was on Pinterest the other … Continue reading Living

Feeling Under Pressure?

Over the last year – or maybe two! 🙂 – I’ve been involved in a lot of different projects - school aside, there’s mainly music once a week, and the recipe book we made for Mothers’ Day in May; Keepers (life-skills program) and its homework every fortnight; I helped out with the Carols by Candlelight … Continue reading Feeling Under Pressure?