Facebook does funny things to my head

The last twenty-nine days I haven’t used Facebook. And yes I am counting!! I realised one night that I was too addicted to my phone. I used social media as a way to escape, not by posting anything, but by going there when I wanted to sulk and not face the conflict, hard times, or … Continue reading Facebook does funny things to my head

The beauty of the silent setting.

I can be the most annoying sister. I promise to pick someone up at such-and-such a time, or I assure people they can ring me, or I give the assumption I’m available for phone communication. Then. I don’t answer. Oh my I have got some beauties of text and voice mail messages because I have had … Continue reading The beauty of the silent setting.

Like it or not…

A few weeks back, I read an interesting article by someone who had stopped clicking the Like button on Facebook. Her thinking was that Facebook tries to suggest Likeable feed to her, based on an algorthim calculated from what she’s Liked, and since she didn’t like that (no pun intended) she wanted to get off … Continue reading Like it or not…

The Next Story (book review)

In July 2012 I finally started reading The Next Story by Tim Challies, ironically on a kindle.  I say finally because I had wanted to read it for a long time; I had just started reading Challies’ blog when the book was released in April 2011, and had been eying it off as an interesting … Continue reading The Next Story (book review)

The message behind technology

Martin McLuhan once said; “the medium [of technology] is the message [of technology].”  How technology works, and the effects of it, is the message of that technology, and we are constantly being shaped by it.  It goes beyond the content that technology presents – a gospel tract, a TV show on African elephants, or a conversation … Continue reading The message behind technology