a few of my favourite things…

the struggle

Tenth Avenue North – I really like their CD The Struggle it talks about how in Jesus, we are free to struggle, but we aren’t struggling to be free.  The things of the world are only a Shadow of the things of God, and after all, we are only Strangers Here in this world.  The messages in the songs are full of grace and oozing with truth at the same time.  The more I listen to it, the more I love the songs.  Whenever I decide I really like a CD or artist, I automatically become a snoop and discover things like their blog and video journals.  All of Tenth Avenue North’s are really good but this one on forgiveness stuck with me, and on Monday I showed it to the girls I teach, who liked it too.

Last week I finished reading The Scarlet Trefoil by LA Kelly which brought a close to her Tahn trilogy that Josh, Nomi, and I highly recommend.  They were pretty full-on – Josh and I wouldn’t lend them to under 14/15yo’s. It’s set in the Middle Ages, about a mercenary with a mysterious and troubled family and personal history.  Not just because of his job as a mercenary, but his childhood was full of torture and pain and grief that have all jumbled together to make Tahn the hurting, guilty, confused, yet soft-hearted person he is.  Over the three books you see how the redemption of God can completely turn your life around and touch the darkest and wounded parts of your life.

I’ve discovered a really good blog this week: Sammy Adebiyi, (your Friendly Neighbourhood Nigerian). His humour and honesty makes for easy and thought-provoking reads.

As some of you might now, math is not my strong point.  To be completely honest, I haven’t even touched algebra yet (I can’t believe I’m saying this online).  Through most of my school years, I used Math-U-See, which really teaches you the why of math, not just learning by route, but I overthink things and find math hard to begin with and that makes for a long, drawn-out, tear-wrenching experience.  Even though  I’ve graduated from school, I’m continuing with math and at the moment I’m using Kahn Academy, which is very methodical and slow, and gives the reason why, but I am also telling myself that sometimes, I might just need to accept the route answer and move on with life.

This week Josh, Nomi, and I ran 5.45km with a friend as part of his 40km run for his 40th birthday!  He did really well.  We all ran at a very slow, conversational pace, which made it easy.  I’ve been training for the last three months to run 5km. That’s something I didn’t think I’d ever do!  I downloaded RunKeeper app onto my phone and used their training plan, and now I used it to record my pace as I try to pare my time down to 25minutes.

So that’s some of my favourite things at the moment (not including brown paper packages tied up with string, because that is just plain obvious.  Who doesn’t love them?!)

What’s some of your favourite things at the moment?


13 thoughts on “a few of my favourite things…

    1. Something is preferable. Old books, for example, or m&m’s, are prime examples of victims forcefully wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string.

  1. Hmm…let me see, we’ve been watching a lot of the Duggar’s 19 Kids and Counting show on DVD, about that family in the US with 19 kids. Amazing family, who have such a servant heart and humble attitude.
    Also just started a DVD series on an Irish convict girl who is sent to Australia during the early 1800s. It hooks you fast and sends your adrenalin pumping!
    Picked up a song from my auntie recently called See Him Coming. You can get it off a website called Emu Music. I liked it mostly cos I’m learning to play it on the piano (its in the key of C, so its easy-peasie!) 🙂

    1. We’ve enjoyed watching some of the Duggar’s show as well (I think we have their 17 Kids and Counting DVD though). They are an amazing family!

      What is that DVD series called, about the Irish convict? It sounds good! Did Australians produce it?

      I think we sing that song at Church. I didn’t know you played piano – how long have you been learning for?

      1. The DVD series is called Against the Wind. It was produced by Australians in the ’70s, I think.

        I love piano and have been learning for about two years.

        1. I’ll have to keep my eye open for it!

          I really enjoy piano, too – most of the time, anyway! Sometimes I am unmotivated to practice, but the reward is worth it. I really want to pick up guitar one day, too.

  2. I’m currently on a Christian music camp right now, which is awesome, but very full on! So… I am playing a lot of violin which is one of my favourite things! (And I have to admit, I do love brown paper packages tied up in string!)

      1. Yeah, it finishes today so that’s really sad. 😦 I don’t know if my violin playing would be as nice as other violins that you’ve listened to! I’m working on it though… 🙂

  3. Some of my favourite things at the moment include:
    Playing the guitar
    The CD ‘Let The Future Begin’ by Passion (music seems to be a recurring theme in these comments)
    The new tea & teacup that Mum brought back from Perth for me 🙂
    And chocolate. Always chocolate.

    Did you get ‘The Scarlet Trefoil’ in real book form or ebook form?


    1. One can never have too much music!! I have rediscovered a blue and yellow teacup and saucer that I really like drinking from; just because it is fun to do! It’s another favourite thing.

      Bring on the chocolate. 😉

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