... well, that's what Mum called it (in all seriousness) when I came back from locking up the chickens in the pouring rain yesterday!  I was very wet after that ordeal because the rain was doing something to the chickens' brains and instead of going into the cage like good little birdies they ran around … Continue reading Elegance


Read it: It’s a Book

It's a book is a fantastic little, well, um, book that Mum borrowed from the library to read aloud to us kids a few weeks ago. It's really funny and if you are into technology you will just crack up! Any other 'It's a Book' lovers out there?

7 Things About Me

Alyssa kindly awarded me with the "From Me to You" award, and although I struggle with awarding people (therefore don't) I thought I would rack my brain for seven things about me for your enjoyment... 1. Chipmunks are among my three favourite animals because they are so amazingly orderly!  Love 'em!  Neatly, they store the … Continue reading 7 Things About Me

Want to know my personal veiw on pajama’s?

Pajama's are for sleeping in Not livin' in!

Weirdness + the name Jessica = Me

I am a weird girl. Perhaps you think you are the weirdest person on the entire planet, but I know that I am plain weird. For example: It suddenly struck me today how weird it is that I will do all kinds of things while brushing my teeth. Electric, manual - it doesn't matter. I … Continue reading Weirdness + the name Jessica = Me