A new look

I've been kind of sick of my blog header for ages, and felt like I hadn't quite clinched the look I've been looking for.  Yesterday I went 'just looking' for header ideas and found this via pinterest: and it gave me an idea, to make this: I personally think they look alike, but Mum says … Continue reading A new look

Jessica…she’s…. GONE!

no no, don't worry - I'm still here!  I didn't decide to pull the plug on blogging or become a hermit-ess and I wasn't tied up and thrown off the face off the earth by bandits and aliens who wanted to manipulate my blog for their own evil purposes to rule the world. 😀  I … Continue reading Jessica…she’s…. GONE!

A Change

Well, after a few afternoons spread over what seems like a month, I'm happy to announce that I've come up with something new that I like (thanks to Mum).  Sadly, with bitter-sweetness, I'm bidding my farewells to my blog title Little Miss Giggles, much as I love her, for simply Jessica Letchford.  Boring, perhaps, but … Continue reading A Change

“This is your captain speaking…”

Update: well, I've fiddled around and come up with the blue template that is, depending on the time of your visit, before you.  I'm pretty happy with it, if not a little concerned that it is a little *ahem*... too blue.  But, in the wise words of Mrs Lynn from Anne of Green Gables: the … Continue reading “This is your captain speaking…”

link to me

<p align="center"><a href="http://JessicaLetchford.wordpress.com/"target="_blank"><img src=" http://i224.photobucket.com/albums/dd201/BelindaLetchford/littlemissgigglebutton2_edited-1.jpg" title="Little Miss Giggle" border="0" /></a>