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I’m Jess! I’m 22 and yeah, how does one talk about yourself? I am pretty normal kind of a person in a really unique and cool kind of way. Am I allowed to say that about myself? I’m still working that one out, but I think so… I make mistakes, silly jokes, and a decent chicken laksa. I love chirpy music and dnm’s with friends and organising messy cupboards. I am Kimberley, Western Australia, born and bred and no I probably don’t know that one person you know who lives in Perth, since I live 3,200km away from my own state capital. But then again, it’s a small world!

My home is subtropical, which means we get mangoes and giant palm trees and cracker waterfalls and amazing spots to walk and camp (which I love doing, albeit not enough). I was homeschooled all the way through and I loved it for giving me a love of learning and growing me according to my unique talents and interests. Administration is my jam. For the last few years, I’ve worked in business administration and reception roles.

I like to play with words, read good books, play the piano, scrapbook, play board games, travel, cook, and be with people. I’m a fan of Arrow, Castle, Friends, and The Mentalist and I sometimes decide I like to run or swim. I simultaneously like lots of sleep and early mornings.

Ultimately though, I’m learning that my identity, who I am at my core, is beloved and liked and forgiven and chosen. There is rest here, and everything else is a lifelong adventure with surprises just waiting for us to catch, all hand-in-hand with God.

You could say this blog is about ‘uncomplicating the simple’, because while this is not an editorial regular on how you should live your life, I tend to complicate and over-think things (all the time – like a lot a lot). This is a place for me to bravely tell you how my experience and God’s truth helps me – and I hope us – breathe a little freer from the complications and lies around me and trust the simple, beautiful life Jesus plans for us. To borrow the words from some wise genius, ‘life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful’.


10 thoughts on “about me

  1. Dear Jess,

    Hello, I just wanted to comment on how marvelous your blog is, it is a hope that you have restored in me, in terms of God, i mean. Thank you so much for sharing.

    That’s something that I’m busy doing with my own blog, sharing, about myself and my past experiences. I’m still only 17 years old, I will be turning 18 in 13 days, and I have to say that I have been away from wordpress too long.

    A lot has happened to me through out the short life that I’ve lived, so in short I am using this newly created blog as a way to document many of the events in my life. Unfortunately I haven’t done as much extensive managing and work into it, as you have done so very well with your own 🙂

    I’m a bit of a writer so sometimes I just go on and on, so I will stop now, before I end up writing an entire book!

    Again, thank you, feel free to visit my blog, if you wish.
    That’s why I’m writing it, because I no longer have anything to hide, I’m bearing my soul to the world; as it were. 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time to read this. 🙂

    1. Hi Eebs,
      Thanks for the encouraging comment!

      I’d love to visit your blog but I can’t see your URL so if you read this comment and leave me the link I’d love to have a peek!


  2. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Please feel free to link to me, in fact, I’d love it! Is it okay if I link to you? I have been browsing around your blog and it’s great!


  3. Hi. I just came across your blog and thought it’s really kool that your a home schooled christian teen too. : ) I was hoping to keep in touch with you, but I’m really new to this blog stuff. If you could respond some how that would be great. I’ll check back here just in case okay.
    My names sadie by the way and I live in the US. : D

  4. Hello, Jessica!

    Thank you so much for checking my blog out. It really means alot. I was happy to read some of your posts, and we have much in common! Hope to hear from you soon, and keep up the great work!



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