it’s okay to struggle

One of the best feelings in life is the lift in your chest when you finally tell someone. It’s like taking off a heavy backpack, or climbing out of the pool and re-orientating with gravity, or finally twisting open a new jar lid. The pressure lifts. Freedom bubbles up. Every muscle relaxes. I’m naturally a … Continue reading it’s okay to struggle


#thankGodforsomething you should watch it. It's catchy. 🙂 What are you thankful for? #fun music #family #freedom #education #friends #food in my stomach whenever I want it #a fantastic job #clean, clear water #a good new Church home #my own Bible #love

a thankful heart

Thanksgiving puts power in living, because it opens the generators of the heart to respond gratefully, to receive joyfully, and to react creatively. – Unknown. I’ve started a journal that I try to write in every couple of days, listing all the things I’m grateful for. It’s very purty and has quotes on thankfulness all … Continue reading a thankful heart

Thankyou for rising again Jesus… it’s Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter!! Jesus is risen! Today I was trying to find a Keith Green (what else?) easter-ishy song I could put on here - there was one on there that was entitled "Easter Song" but I didn't think it quite right. When I see things from a different angle, a whole new meaning opens up. … Continue reading Thankyou for rising again Jesus… it’s Easter Sunday!