The little things of 2015


I might come back and write a Big Things list later on, but this year has been full of little things. Little moments, little dramas, which didn’t feel so little at the time, yet can easily slip into nothingness. So here I am writing about the random, good, sad, and in between little things that happened to me this year.

1. I bought a blue dress and I like it. End of post. You can all go now. 😉
2. I realised I like writing more than I have admitted or known before, and I am starting to experiment and crack into it a bit more.
3. In April I bought a Samsung s5 and while she is depreciating more than I would like, while I have her she is big and so clever.
4. I like tavern food.
5. I paid off my car loan!


6. I’m better at selfies than I was at the start of the year. Practice makes perfect!
7. I had a knee and ankle injury (minor, but both sport induced. So yeah, that bit was cool.)
8. I changed my flat tyre all by myself and I learned to reverse a trailer (kind of, anyway…)
9. I painted my bedroom blues and decorated it with yellow. I still have projects in mind for it but it is looking very fun and I love how the colours reflect my personality.
10. I held a newborn baby.


11. A kid asked me if I was the mum of a seven year old.
12. My aunty and I (who live on opposite sides of Australia) text each other which is very special and fun!
13. I cried at Church twice. Crying in public is humbling, healing, and just… nice.
14. We went camping. Camping is wonderful.
15. I realised that my body has certain physical needs that aren’t bad, they just are different to what other people can and can’t handle. Different, not bad. Repeat.


16.  I decided I like using instagram to record my life but one day I want to create (partially using my filtered instagram pics) a digital scrapbook of my life and thoughts to  replicate the scrappy scrapbooks of old.
17. I had a manicure and they painted them pink.
18. I asked friends for prayer. This is hard and a bit humbling but good.
19. My siblings bought me a giraffe onesie! I am carrying it around wrapped up in its hoodie as I sit at the airport, and I’m telling you, it takes seven years off me, I’m sure.
20. I watched The Dressmaker and ohhhh. Just ohhhh.


21. I like hugs more than I realised.
22. I am more of an extrovert than I thought.
23. I’m smarter than I give myself credit for.
24. I learned to play touch football. I suck at it but it’s fun and a challenge and I love a good challenge.
25. I said goodbye to really close friends after three years of deep and meaningfuls, couch or Subway catch ups, prayer, and lots of jokes. I’m going to miss them terribly but it’ll be okay, too.


26. I am relinquishing my tight hold on thinky books and instead, am letting myself just read a few novels because I could. I liked it.
27. I finally, actually won a game of Ticket to Ride. Boo yaa.
28. I am great at both admin and creativity, but I realised I don’t want to do administration outside of my admin job at the moment because I want to create.
29. I drove home in thick rain and big puddles.
30. I jumped off the top of a two story houseboat and therefore started to face my unreasonable fear of heights.


Obviously there were more moments than these. There were bigger moments too. But these are some things I learned and did and thunked about and these things are part of that beautiful thing called life.

What was a small but beautiful moment of your 2015? I want to know! Thank you to everyone I have met and got to know and who has impacted my life this year. Let’s do it again next year!
Merry Christmas!
Luv Jess


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