Ten things I said I’d never do

It’s so funny the things I said I would never do. I often catch myself doing things that I promised myself I would never do, or liking things I used to think disgusting, or enjoying things I used to  give people a hard time about. I’m glad people can change. Here’s ten things I said or thought I would never do, but now do.

RunRun. That is a sweaty running face to your right there. FYI.

Buy a dark-coloured car. White or light grey is really good for deflecting the sun in my hot climate, and yellow or blue is just so much fun! But then the most amazing deal at the perfect time turned up, and colour just didn’t matter at all.

Work in xx street because the buildings there are so pokey . Again, the job is the important factor here; not the building! Although I do love my sunshine, the building is really well lit (with windows + lighting) and I don’t miss the sunshine like I thought I would.

Talk on the phone. This was one of my top fears as a teenager (along with anaconda and jumping off heights). I think this was partly because I couldn’t read their body language, but also because people ring people to ask them for something, and I don’t like people saying no to me. Making phone calls is essentially blindfolding yourself and asking a stranger for a favour. Um, weird. Anyway – it’s also a mode of communication where people get paid to answer the phone and do whatever you ask them to do, and if they can’t do something for you, then it isn’t personal or a big deal in the large scheme of things. Now that I am at work, I actually have a lot of fun talking to people on the phone and sometimes, choose to call over sending an email. How’s that for change?! For anybody out there who also doesn’t like talking on the phone, just be yourself, pretend you are a superconfident chick who knows what she’s doing, shake off the ‘no’s’ and remember that people are generally happy beings to talk to.

20150608_185842Eat spicy food. Shout out to @memock and his wife for awakening my taste buds. Even if it hurts sometimes.

Scrapbook. Addicted as charged.

Take selfies. All da time!

Wear contacts. My Optometrist cannot get over my now-love for contacts. Seriously; he mentions it every year. It was like getting blood out of a stone, convincing me to wear contacts. I eventually relented, and now cannot get enough of them!Me on safari, Uganda

Travel by myself. You can conquer that airport!

Drink tea and coffee. My first cup of tea was black and in a Styrofoam cup. I still drink it black, my cappuccinos need chocolate or sugar, but I’ve upgraded from the Styrofoam cup. Go me!

What did you never think you could or would do, that you find yourself doing now?


6 thoughts on “Ten things I said I’d never do

  1. Go you indeed! It is a good thought to think about the things we said we would never do – I said I would never marry a farmer! Go me!! LOL. Seriously though, it is good to see that we do grow and change, sometimes towards maturity, and sometimes just because life changes us!!
    Love the new header!

  2. Some things I thought do I would never do and have now done:
    -Play Settlers of Catan after a particularly frustrating game. I gave it another shot and won.
    -Go on a roller coaster/thrill ride. I ended up loving it.
    -Join in games of sport with complete strangers and enjoy it
    -Start a conversation up with a guy
    -Wear pyjamas in public. We went travelling around Australia and staying in caravan parks and it couldn’t be helped. Actually a lot of the experiences I had travelling were things I thought I would never do!
    -Convince my parents to have 10+ girls over for a sleepover. Still not sure how I did that.
    -Finish reading Lord of the Rings
    -Enjoy Harry Potter. Don’t judge.
    -Make scones successfully. I am the first in my household to do so.
    Thanks for writing this Jessica, I enjoyed reading it and thinking of things I thought were impossible!
    “Nothing is impossible with God!”

    1. Um, your Settlers of Catan story is totally mine! Except, I don’t think I actually won. 🙂 I think I came close though. And I still like it! Have you ever tried Discworld? It’s so much fun, and kind of in the same category as unusualness and strategy.

      Harry Potter – that is something I’ve never tried, but when you mentioned that you enjoyed them, it got me thinking – I think I will look into them a little more!

      Woohoo on the scones, by the way. Mum shook her head and came to the rescue several times before I FINALLY worked out how to make them! Some of the things on your list are things I’ve surprised myself with, too; some of them are things I want to do but haven’t yet. Thanks so much for commenting, Mae!

  3. Glad we could help with awakening your taste buds. Right from day 1 of when you started eating a little Thai food I was impressed with your ability ti handle the spice. I enjoyed the rest of your list as well. I hope there will be some more travelling soon!

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