My ‘one weaknesses’

In a TV show Mum, Nomi and I got addicted to enjoyed watching, there was this postmistress by the name of Dorcas Lane, a hardworking, kind-hearted lady. She had a knack of getting away with buying and doing whatever she wanted to indulge in because it was her ‘one weakness’. Which, as it turned out, to be a lot of things. Chocolate, late night cups of tea, a good book, silk, matchmaking, sentiment… whatever it was she wanted, essentially! Since we recovered from watching all the shows, to us, it’s a saying that basically means, our favourite happy things we like, and here are some of mine.

Modcloth dressNavy dresses. It’s my version of the Little Black Dress – classy and gorgeous. I won’t divulge how many I already own, but I will say I have enough to sadly, not justify buying any more (at the moment…). They make me happy.

White blogs and websites. Gah, so pretty! I realised this week that I am honestly more likely to trust and buy something from a site with a white background. It doesn’t make sense, because the product might be horrible, but their simplicity and how it makes other colours pop… I just really like them!

Happy hippy music. I’m not exactly sure what genre this is, but if you listen to Favourite Song, Good Together, and Greater, you’ll get an idea of what I like – that indie/acoustic pop kind of sound, not too rocky but upbeat, lots of guitar. Who doesn’t like this kind of music?

Handwritten fonts. Especially Amatic Small Caps, Sweetly Broken, Catholic School Girls BB, and Are You Freakin’ Serious?! And the typewriter fonts rock, too.

Fried RiceFried rice. I could eat this all day. I probably cook it twice a month (which, when you divide 30 days in the month by five people on the cooking roster, means I cook it a fair bit. 🙂 ). It’s fantastic with either sweet soy sauce or sweet chilli sauce, and scrambled eggs (and bacon! Bacon is near currency in our household). My family all but think it’s the only meal I know how to cook, which isn’t quite true, but it nearly is. 🙂

BONUS: Pretty Pink Tractor by Tim Hawkins. If you have never seen it, here it is. Let it seep into your head and make you happy (or drive you crazy, one of the two!)

What things make you happy?


4 thoughts on “My ‘one weaknesses’

  1. – A cup of strong Australian afternoon tea (drunk with the bag left in!) for arvo tea around 3-3:30pm!
    – Sara Storer (well-known Australian country music artist). Don’t listen to her as much as I used to, since I was listening to her a lot and figured I needed to be filling my mind with more Christ-honouring music, but I do still enjoy her heartfelt, whimsical ballads about country living, love, relationships and interesting personalities.

  2. Yes yes yes to everything in this post!!! That show is amazing and I think our ‘one weaknesses’ are pretty much identical! Good choices! 😉

    1. Ahh what good tastes you have! 😀 Isn’t it a funny show? We own season one; maybe we will rewatch it… hmmm, not sure if I want to relive the drama! Glad you enjoyed it and yay for navy dresses!

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