Let’s go flying…

  Dad took me up for a fly on the weekend. We've had over 1,000ml of water in the last two months, so the waterfalls are aplenty and the scenery splendidly lush. I live in the most amazing place! Thank you Dad!


That’s our boys

I know it's a week past for the 100 years anniversary of the landing of Gallipoli, but for the last few months I have been thinking hard how to remember this incredibly important date in Australian history. Three years ago, our family went over to Turkey for a couple of weeks and spent the day at Gallipoli. … Continue reading That’s our boys

Packsaddle Springs

Living in the tropics means that once it’s rained a bit, there are heaps of lovely waterfalls to go to.  It’s like a playground-slash-waterpark for all ages. 🙂  On Saturday Dad, Josh, Nomi, and I jumped at the opportunity to go up with some friends to Packsaddle Springs, about ten minutes’ drive out of town.  … Continue reading Packsaddle Springs

Me voted.

A first for me today: voting!  I was pretty excited.  I think it was because it was something new, a requirement and privilege bestowed on me that had never been bestowed on me before because I was underage.  In other words: it was for 'big people', and I had never been 'big enough' to do … Continue reading Me voted.