Life in Laos

Since my Canadian adventures I've moved to Laos for several months to teach English. You can follow me on Instagram at @jessletchford94 for more pictures but here's a snapshot of my daily life - the things I see, touch, and walk past. Enjoy! I ate the right hand noodle stir-fry and man was it tasty. … Continue reading Life in Laos


I’m on top of the world…* (WHISTLER!)

this pic was for a family joke but let's pretend I knew the cloud was coming out of my ear. Guys. the Whistler mountains blew me away. I took a lift up Whistler Mountain and from there took the open sky lift (stay tuned for more of that later) up to one of the peaks … Continue reading I’m on top of the world…* (WHISTLER!)

Ice. As in penguins and igloos and snowmen and ICE.

During our tour (which I WILL FINISH WRITING ABOUT), we spent the afternoon on a glacier walk. Our guide prepped us like this: Guys you can go walk on the start of a glacier, it's pretty cool. If you are going on the glacier, it. will. be. cold. I'll say it again: it. will. be. … Continue reading Ice. As in penguins and igloos and snowmen and ICE.

Banff. Fff. My dad grew up watching a 60's sitcom called F-Troop. Set in the wild west America in the late 1860's, the outpost ran a tight ship while they kept guard against the savage indians. Only thing being, the outpost guard was blind, the Indians were scared of the dark, the NCO's were in the … Continue reading Banff. Fff.

I Lake It!

We spent three days doing just that: laking it up. We travelled through the Jasper and Banff National Parks, and gawked at several jaw-dropping bright, beautiful lakes. Emerald Lake was first, and a beautiful spot to canoe. It was the same day as white water rafting - you can read about that here - so … Continue reading I Lake It!