How creative people inspire me

Now obviously, I am a tad bit biased, but my sister Nomi is an awesome artist! In the last year, her artwork has gone bonkers. Her level of work has skyrocketed and she pretty much has something new to show me every time I talk to her (which is quite a lot. I can hardly keep up … Continue reading How creative people inspire me

How I make creative time happen in my life

I remember my first craft entry into the local agricultural show. It was a small square of long stitch, which didn’t win anything, probably because it was a picture of a cross, and I was really upset about it, but Dad assured me that it was still really good and I left, wet cheeked but head … Continue reading How I make creative time happen in my life

15 Disposable Gift Ideas

A few weeks before Christmas, I was talking to a family friend who was going away for Christmas.  She mentioned that she was going to buy her three daughters their presents after Christmas since they only arrived at their holiday destination a few days before Christmas Day and she didn’t want to buy the presents … Continue reading 15 Disposable Gift Ideas


A few years back, I started feeling sick after eating my breakfast of cereal and milk and couldn't work out why.   I still don't know.  It's nothing serious, just enough to put me off my wheatbix!  Mum likes eating raw food (not raw meat; food that you can eat raw like fruit, veggies, and nuts, in … Continue reading breakfast