Packsaddle Springs

Living in the tropics means that once it’s rained a bit, there are heaps of lovely waterfalls to go to.  It’s like a playground-slash-waterpark for all ages. 🙂  On Saturday Dad, Josh, Nomi, and I jumped at the opportunity to go up with some friends to Packsaddle Springs, about ten minutes’ drive out of town.  From there you have to go behind farmland to the creek, and walk 30 minutes to get to the waterfall.  In the past we’d just hung out at the creek – which is fun – and Dad had flown over it lots of times, but only Josh had climbed it.  Daniel and Mum opted to stay at home, but they helped us pack a lunch and get ready for a drive, climb, and good swim.

Credit goes to Dad for taking the fantastic photos!



Nomi, the ever dramatic!


C and I overlooking the creek after we’d been walking for a good 20 minutes.  We climbed around and down to the water at the bottom.


Destination Packsaddle Springs!  The water was flowing so fast and the rocks so slippery, one guy used the waterfall as a (bumpy) slide!


Nomsie and I enjoying the water after a hot walkpacksaddle

Dad, AA, J and I decided to keep walking beyond the waterfall to see the even bigger waterfall.


Me beside the waterfall – later I went on the other side the fall to get closer to the running water.

packsaddle  packsaddle

Eating lunch together before heading back.

Yes, that is my very un-suncreamed back which is now incredibly sunburnt… it’s like my back is a little solar panel and I now have my own little heat pack.  It hurts. :/

We had a great day; it was a beautiful waterhole that I’d love to go back to one day!


9 thoughts on “Packsaddle Springs

  1. What a beautiful piece of God’s creation! The Kimberley is such an awesome place! I was inspired when I was up your way and I wrote a song on how every part of the Kimberley was formed by God’s Hand. I am getting my musically talented aunti to put it to music. I hope I can show you the finished product when its done!
    Can’t wait to bring my family back up there this year. Does Packsaddle have water in it in June?

    1. The fantastic thing about Packsaddle Springs is that it is one of the few waterfalls available all year round! It was a harder walk; it might be too steep and hard for the younger girls, but you older ones could do it fine.

  2. You are putting me to shame Jessica when it comes to how many places we have both visited in the Kimberley!! I have actually been there but it was 20 years ago! Thanks for the great pics.

    1. We will have to go together another time… I wonder how the girls would go… I have to admit, I am a real slackard too – this was my first time and I’ve lived here my whole life! I only went to Halls Creek for the first time in November!! Oh well – I am slowly catching up. Haven’t done Andys Chasm yet but I’m not game either, with all that jumping! Have you ever done it?

      1. i don’t feel to bad now – Halls Creek for the first time in 19 years? *snigger* :)-

        Yes I did Andys Chasm the once (same trip.) Pretty full on. Paul has a video online of when the church group went out and did it. Just found it:

        Would love to get out at least once with you mob again this year. Perhaps Middle Springs or something (start the girls of on something a little less daunting)

    1. Hi Ellen! It is a gorgeous part of Australia. Lots of places to go to and explore. One friend was telling us all about a cave nearby with a little chute to shimmy down through. That would be fun!

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