Because they thought it was worth dying for

ANZAC cove ???????? Lone Pine Gallipoli 25th April 1915Headstone Headstone 2 Headstone 3 ???????? Headstone 4Headstone


3 thoughts on “Because they thought it was worth dying for

  1. That’s beautiful – what a priviledge it must’ve been to vist Gallipoli. Can you remember the age of the youngest soldier buried there? Some boys fudged their age and got in at 15, even 14. Hard to imagine!

    1. It was a privilege. I’m so glad I had read a book leading right up to the visit. Dad and I were so frustrated at the amount of ‘what if’s’ and incompetency of the leaders, but regardless of that – it was a sacrifice. These men gave their all -heart, soul, and body, because they believed in this war. They believed in their army. They believed in their mates, and they died with determination, grit, obedience, conviction, compassion, and cheerfulness. An example to the youth of today. It’s sobering to think that if I lived 100 years ago, the chances would be pretty high that Josh would have enlisted and died. Daniel could have sneaked off to enlist, being nearly 14! The things they would have gone through.

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