10 things I’ve made from Pinterest

A few months ago, I signed up to Pinterest as a way to store all my links.  Pretty soon it exploded to more than that as I saw pictures of beautiful homes, ingenious craft ideas and  was to repurpose clothes.  Mum (who also pins) says I have an aura about me after I’ve been pinning… not sure if that’s a good thing or not!

Anyway, I think I’m one of the many people who love pinterest, but only ever get inspired, and never do anything with all their pins.  I realised that I was spending lots of time looking at some great ideas, but never did any of them, and it was wasting my time.  So, along with limit the amount of time I spent on pinterest, I started a board to repin ideas to once I’d done them.  My goal was to get ten of them, so I could share them on Oh Amanda’s top ten list meme.  And now, thanks to making Christmas presents, I’ve finally done it!  At first it was hard to get in there and do something, but after that first step, it became easier and easier to get off the chair and find the materials needed to make another project.

So here it is, ten things I’ve done from pinterest:

in no particular order:

1. Coasters – Daniel actually did most of this, it was his Christmas present to Mum.  They turned out really well and they were very easy to make. We actually followed the instructions from The Cottage Home

2. Outdoor old-fashioned movie night – our picture doesn’t do it justice, and it’s not anything like the link I found on pinterest, but this was a really fun night.  We went outside and watched My Fair Lady on a big screen, ate popcorn made from an old-style popcorn maker served in little red boxes and ate old-fashioned lollies served in newspaper cones. FUN!

3. Squeezing lemons with salad tongs – this works OK, sometimes better than others.

4. A little purse thingy – this is very cute, but because there was so much fabric in such a little bag is quite bulky and was very fiddly.  I didn’t completely finish it – for some reason I forgot to add the key ring tab, and I didn’t bind it on the inside.  I’m not sure I’d make it again, but it was a good learning experience!

5. graphic art – I copied this word art idea to make this graphic on Psalm 144:12.

6. Recharger holder – this was an interesting time.  I found this idea on Pinterest, and decided to make it for a friend for Christmas.  Thing was, when I went to the actual website to get the instructions… everything was in German!  Thanks to Google Translate I translated the PDF this lovely lady gave and after a bit of tweaking I came up with this:

7. Scrappy organiser – I really enjoyed this project and am really happy with the two I made.  It’s a really fun – and thrifty – project!

8. Circle earbud holder – I literally made this in an hour, from the time I sat down to cut the fabric to the time I sat back and sighed in delight.  It is really quick and very cute.

9. Teatowel tech bag – I saw this picture on pinterest and actually didn’t findthe instructions from Martha Stewart, but it was pretty self-explanatory.  All I did was fold the bottom up 1/3, find the cords I’d want the bag to hold, and measure what size pocket I’d need.  I also added some ribbon on the side to keep it rolled up.

10.  Kindle cover – One of my best Christmas presents (mind you all of them were so beautiful!) was a kindle touch.  I wanted to make a kindle cover/bag to give it a bit of protection. I couldn’t find a tutorial that I liked for a kindle cover, but armed with these two pictures I found on pinterest, I went and measured my kindle and made it up myself.  I wanted the opening to be at the side but I made a mistake when I cut the fabric so I changed the opening to be at the top.  I’m really happy with the result!

There you have it!  I’m going to keep my made. visited. done board on pinterest and keep adding to it as I go along!  Are you on pinterest?  I’d love to connect with you there?

If you are on pinterest, have you had the same problem I have?  What things have you made or done from pinterest?


11 thoughts on “10 things I’ve made from Pinterest

  1. I love all your projects! And the outdoor movie night sounds like a *lot* of fun 😀 Yes, we definitely have the problem of pinning more than crafting…I did make these, though: http://pinterest.com/pin/167196204885677073/. Only I filled them with dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate chips. They were going to be stocking stuffers, but I put them on the van seats instead, for a surprise when we went to church Christmas morning 😀

    That is a *really* good idea to have a pin board for ‘things I’ve done’ 😀

    1. oh they are soo cute Jessica! Was it tricky to stitch the bags up with the food inside? I love it – I might go and repin it now! 🙂

      And the movie night was a lot of fun – we should do it again!

  2. Great job! I also made a board of things that I’ve finally made on Pinterest, although I don’t think it has ten things on it yet. It’s so motivating to read your post though!

    1. Thanks Eyebright and momto2monkeys – I have really enjoyed getting my fingers in to some projects and making stuff! Mind you, I don’t think I could have done it without the pressure of Christmas presents!

  3. Wow! you are so clever – good on you!! I LOVE the kindle cover and the re-charger holder is so cute!! I’m not on Pinterest… but would certainly like to look into it!

    I love sewing little projects like this… it’s so nice to give a gift that YOU’VE made!! I have an awesome book called “Jane Austen’s sewing box” and it has a heap of projects that you can make that practical and ‘old-fashioned’ – its been a lot of fun!!

    Anyway, keep up with the projects, you are doing a great job!!
    Love Emily xoxo

    1. Hi Emily! Thanks! It’s sometimes hard for me to get off the computer and go and DO something – the internet can so easily brainwash me of my creative juices, and then all I want to do is blob out. But when I force myself to get up off the chair and make something, I think, ‘why did I ever stop sewing?!?!’ 🙂

      I think that’s the thing I like about pinterest – I am always either laughing my head off, or getting new ideas – different clothes styles, house decorating ideas, repurposing ideas, papercraft ideas, sewing ideas, beading ideas… it’s not a complete waste of time, if it’s used wisely!

      Thanks for all your encouraging comments!

  4. I love this, Jess! I’m also a pinterest fanatic 😡 I have used quite a few of the ideas on there, but I do think I need to spend more time making things and less time pinning! 🙂 I really love your kindle covers — great job!

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