… well, that’s what Mum called it (in all seriousness) when I came back from locking up the chickens in the pouring rain yesterday!  I was very wet after that ordeal because the rain was doing something to the chickens’ brains and instead of going into the cage like good little birdies they ran around and around in circles unusually panicky while I tried to herd them in. 😉  Funny birdies.

I love gumboots.  I love the rain.  I love living on our farm.  I love getting soaked to the bone, just because I can!


8 thoughts on “Elegance

  1. Hehe! Love it! 😀 Your chickens sound like ours…we used to have a rooster who would go ‘roost’ in the craziest places, but never in the chicken house. We’d have to carry him to bed every night 😀 Unfortunately, due to his not-so-smartness, he didn’t last long once he wandered out onto the road!

  2. Great photo, great story and elegant is indeed the correct word! One little question though….. why were you locking the chickens up before dark?

    1. Birds + rain = in need of some direction. I guess it was because I knew they wouldn’t like the rain so probably wouldn’t go home on their own accord, into the rain, so I locked them up early to prevent them from finding little homes on the veranda and making a mess. But when we approached the pen they saw through my little plot to draw them out with the bucket and started running around like headless chooks and I had to catch most of them instead of just leading them into the pen. 😀

  3. the look suits you Jess! Your brothers and I were watching you out the window (we could have come and helped you I guess!!) but we were just observing how good you look in gumboots!! By the time we were over our ponderings you were done!

    1. When I wandered back to the house Mum and Josh were waiting for me at the veranda with a camera! Truth be told, the hat was kind of a pose, but I love wearing Dad’s hat!

  4. LOVE THE LOOK!! Yay!! I’ve found someone who looks like me!! I’ve got some good ol’ gumboots… and I LOVE the hat… got one of those too!!

    Being a farm gal is just awesome… and elegant!!

    I know… ALL animals go ‘tropo’ and stupid in the rain… must be a little switch in their head that tells them to act that why… but you know, let a bunch of kids out in the rain, and they act exactly the same!!

    Anyway, was thrilled to know you too love gummies, rain and general farm life.. it is soooo fun!!
    Love Emily xoxo

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