How I make creative time happen in my life

How I make creativity happen in my life

I remember my first craft entry into the local agricultural show. It was a small square of long stitch, which didn’t win anything, probably because it was a picture of a cross, and I was really upset about it, but Dad assured me that it was still really good and I left, wet cheeked but head held high (thanks Dad!). As I’ve grown up, thanks to being surrounded by creative parents, grandparents, and friends, I’ve explored my creative side through gardening, sewing, pottery, painting, woodwork, card making, baking, beading, website design, macrame, photography, film making, story writing, and nearly every other medium except glass blowing and scubie doo. (On that note, can someone please explain to me why it’s called that? Does it have anything to do with the TV cartoon, because I have no idea! Thanks in advance. 😉 )

Now that I’m working full time, and even when I was working part-time/volunteering/studying, I found it hard to make time to be creative.* So here are five things that help me:

I know I need it, and I know how I need it. I am wired for creativity. I get a kick out of making stuff and letting those juices flow. When I sit down and force myself to make something creative, I feel ten times better than if I had spent the afternoon scrolling through Pinterest or Facebook aimlessly. I have learned over the years that I recharge best by creating and being by myself, even if it’s just for an hour or two. I also have to actually create something for enjoyment’s sake, and not because it needs doing. Sewing buttons onto shirts because they are in the mending pile doesn’t cut it for me! I need a project where I can relax and do it just because, and not because I am trying to catch up on my life. I need time to catch up on me, and I’ve worked out how many hours and what environment I need to make it happen.

I keep tabs on my schedule. Knowing that I recharge by spending a few hours a week on something creative, I try to remember that when I make plans with people. Sometimes I say no to an event because I need some me time, and if people knocked on the door unannounced, they would probably find me scrapbooking on my computer, stamping cards, or writing a blog post. I’ve also worked out how many social events I can handle on a weekend, and while some weekends are busier than I would like and out of my control, I try to fit in some creative time each weekend or during the week to balance out my other commitments.

I use that noggin of mine.Sometimes a project feels too overwhelming and I put off working on it. Occasionally that’s okay, because there are loads of other things I can productively and relaxingly spend my time on. However, I’ve got a brain, and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I tackle a project head-on, breaking it down into bite-sized pieces, and just… starting.

I surround myself with creative people.I need creative people to inspire me to get into my project and not put it off, even if I am facing a creative hurdle. I need creative people to throw ideas around with, to challenge me to try new things, and to inspire me to get even better at it than I am now.

I try to be myself. Following off the last point, I need people around me to remind me that sometimes my type of creativity isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s okay.The world is a diverse place. Create it anyway, just because it expresses who you are beautifully. The video below explains this perfectly!

So how are you creative? How do you make sure you get the creative time you need? What creative projects have you been up to lately?

I am so nearly finished my digital scrapbooking album from our family’s visit to Turkey in 2012, nearly three years ago to the date! I am really happy with it and cannot stinkin’ wait for the hardcopy to arrive in the mail. Shout out to my grandmother, aunty, and mother (all scrapbooking addicts, see point four) for helping me nut out how I wanted it to look and inspiring me to keep working on it. It’s been almost a year in progress, but it’s so worth it now that it’s nearly done! Also thank you to everyone who have seen snippets and encouraged me – it really goes a LONG way! I also currently enjoy creating music on the piano, singing really loud in the car on my way to work, blogging, taking photos, and cooking or baking.


Thanks for reading this far! I’m hoping you’ll join in the fun and let me know in the comments below how you are creative – because we all are creative in some form and way – and what creative pursuits you are enjoying at the moment. Cya!

*To clarify; creativity happens in so many ways. I am creative when I plan a party, set up camp, pack my bags, manage my time, dress for dinner, and eat Thai food! I am creative when I look at anything from a different perspective. Creativity is simply making, no matter what the circumstance has to offer you. I think we are all wired to create in some form or capacity, whether that is solving problems or helping people get along. While I use creativity throughout my week at work and at home, I know I personally recharge by creating stuff, including what is typically considered ‘crafty’ or ‘homemakey’. That’s just me. Whatever your ‘thing’ is; your recharge point, your personal, recreational, creative outlet that gives you the thrills, if you’re like me, it can be hard to set aside time to make that type of creativity happen. Ergo, scroll to top of page and read this article.


6 thoughts on “How I make creative time happen in my life

  1. Great post, Jess! I love that video. I can totally relate with putting off a creative project because it looks hard. I’m working on one at the moment that I put off for ages, but it actually wasn’t nearly as hard or as time-consuming as I thought it would be! Go figure!
    I like what they said in the video about how art has to be shared, otherwise it’s just the work of a crazy person. I think that when you share something you made with someone else, it makes it ten times more fun, beautiful, enjoyable, meaningful.

    1. True, Hayley! #nomanisanisland It’s actually kind of challenging, because sharing what you made leaves you vulnerable and keeps you humble because what I make isn’t always perfect or as good as what others can do, but because it isn’t about performance it doesn’t matter anyway! Sharing our creativity, from a starting point of humility and confidence both, then pushes us to reach competency too. If any of that makes sense…

      I can’t wait to see your finished product; it looks pretty cool from what I’ve seen so far!
      xx Jess

  2. Good post Jess. But you’ve stolen my thunder and already told the world what I do for creativity: I scrap!! I also write. I wish I could say I sew too – but that will happen one day. The only thing I didn’t like about your post was I was mindlessly scrolling through facebook, instead of getting into a creative project. Ouch!! So now I’m off to do something creative.

    1. I thought the world already knew that?! It’s pretty clear to me that’s what you DO!!!

      Well I know for a fact that you HAD been busy this morning, but I’m glad it inspired you to get cracking on something. (I wonder what?!)

  3. Thanks darling for letting me know I was able to encourage you. You are very creative. Love your blog.


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