How creative people inspire me

How creative people inspire me

Now obviously, I am a tad bit biased, but my sister Nomi is an awesome artist! In the last year, her artwork has gone bonkers. Her level of work has skyrocketed and she pretty much has something new to show me every time I talk to her (which is quite a lot. I can hardly keep up with her). She’s explored so many different mediums and made leaps and bounds in tricky topics to draw or paint. Like I said, I’m a little biased, but her artwork is pretty amazing and I think she’ll go far with it. 🙂

I have a couple of other friends like this too. They are music geniuses; they can sight read, play by ear, compose pieces out of thin air, or know how to do all these things on the piano or guitar that apparently ‘isn’t that hard to do’. I love listening to and watching them play. There is definitely strength involved in playing an instrument well. One of these friends is also a budding poet who has some really good points that she pens in a thoughtful, funny, and sweet way.

Needless to say, these peeps inspire me!

I have a pretty big project ahead of me, painting my bedroom and maybe working on a woodwork kind of project. I’m really excited about it all, and can’t wait for the finished product, but am a little daunted because this is a big project that has lots of little jobs that need doing in order for everything to work. I also create though my music, scrapbooking, and writing, and am trying to work on these areas. Here’s how these people inspire me to get over some hurdles and start working on my outlets:

They inspire me to try new things. This is a scary one for me, but every time I try new things, good things come of it. In the very least, I’ve conquered a fear, and at the very best, I’ve discovered that I can actually do something pretty well. And if I am trying something that they are good at, then they turn out to be the humblest, most encouraging people who don’t mind slowing the pace down for you, listening to your mistakes, or giving positive feedback.

They inspire me to do what I’m good at. They live in a creative bubble! They thrive, ooze and get excited over their talents, and it inspires me to go for it. It shows me that we small, ordinary people are capable of creating some pretty cool stuff, and it encourages me to start creating in the areas I thrive, ooze, and get excited over.

They inspire me to get good. I look at how far Nomi has come in her artwork, or where my musical friends started from, and I am a little intimidated by their competence. But I have to remind myself that I am not incapable of creating good stuff; I just have to work at it. Excuse the corniness, but practice does makes perfect, and I’m not going to get better living in fear of rejection or failure. Keeping at it will result in good things.

They inspire me to work at it. Flowing off the point above, sometimes creating is hard work. Laziness can stop me from getting started on a project, but creating involves effort and elbow grease. This hard work often proves to be fun, and definitely rewarding, anyway!

They inspire me to make it my lifestyle. To these people, creativity is important. More than that, it’s essential. They know what it does to them (in a good way, not in a bad-guy-injecting-poison-into-your-system-kind-of-way-I’ve-been-watching-too-much-TV-lately). People choose to work less hours so they have that creative time. They make it happen regularly. It comes into play when they decide how to spend their weekend, what they spend their money on, what career they pursue. Creative people encourage me to make it happen and inspire me to implement it into my every life. To embrace that creative side of me and bring it into the equation of my choices.

So that’s my D+M lessons learned from watching people create stuff. Now I just have to put these lessons into practice and get cracking!


2 thoughts on “How creative people inspire me

  1. That’s very true Jess, for just this weekend past, as I spent time on my friends property, they taught me so much about mechanics and fixing troopy’s, which I am virtually clueless about! Then, we went 4X4-ing around their property and they let me drive the troopy, which I thought would be really hard, but it actually wasn’t! They took me down some pretty sandy, boggy pits they’d dug themselves and gave me the chance to get over the side of the pit. Patiently stepping me through it, they pointed out what I didn’t do quite right each time and explained how to get the vehicle un-bogged 2 or 3 times! When I finally made it, after like the 8th attempt, they were so excited for me! It made me realise that 4X4-ing was a lot more easier than I thought when you know what your doing and have patient, cheerful friends help you through it. So that’s something new I learned this weekend!

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