Girlhood Days

I found this blog the other day, and I thought it was pretty good.  It reminded me of a little study me and my mum are doing.  Here is a part of a chapter.

“Girlhood days are happy days.  The blush of youth is on your cheeks, and the rich, red blood of youth is in your veins, while the cares of life have not yet settled upon your heart.You are tuned to catch every note of music, to respond to every pleasurable emotion and fancy. Life is full of song and laughter.  You look forward with a magic veiw that hides all the sorrows and terrors, and reveals in bright hues all the joys and blessings.  Your hearts heart beats with eagerness to begin the conquests that will certainly be yours.  From your point of veiw there are no defeats, no failures, no dissaointments. Every thorn is hidden, and every rose revealed.  So contagious is your joy and optimisim that your presence cheers the dullest household, and sets it’s pulse beating with hope and laughter…

With garlands of hope and joy upon your lips, you go forth to meet life joyously and un-afraid.”

-Beautiful Girlhood, revised version

I think that bit is very me. My favourite word is JOY, and that paragraphs describes it deeply.


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