The beauty of the silent setting.


I can be the most annoying sister. I promise to pick someone up at such-and-such a time, or I assure people they can ring me, or I give the assumption I’m available for phone communication. Then.

I don’t answer.

Oh my I have got some beauties of text and voice mail messages because I have had it in my pocket or my car music is blaring or

It’s on silent.

And I just. don’t. answer. the. jolly. thing.

I often keep my phone with me at work (mostly for work purposes! Guilty face) and so don’t want my phone whistling at me while I’m serving customers (obviously). I turn it on silent. And forget to turn it back on again.

After doing this for a while for work, I forgot to turn the noise on again when I clocked out each day, so most of the time my phone lives in silence. (But on the inside, it speaks much! too corny?)

The thing is,

I actually quite like it in silent mode.

I miss the fun ringtone and the chirpy notification noises, but I notice how I change when it’s on.

Frankly, I look like a meerkat.

Or probably more aptly, like Doug from Up at the slightest though…SQUIRREL!

Right now, I heard that ding and the laptop was plopped to the side as I raced to my phone’s side to read what was going on.

It leaves me itching to just read that notification, unfocused on little else but my end goal: get to the phonnne.

Keeping my phone on silent, however, is calming.

I still see the lights that flash from my Samsung when I have a notification to read (and am still slightly too distracted by them). I still get glued to the screen and spend heaps of time on it.

But I feel more in control.

It can stay in my pocket until I am ready to read that text because right now, I may be working on something else.

Instead of demanding my attention immediately, it waits there patiently until I choose to look at it.

It is made for me, not I for the phone.

So I am learning to turn it off, leave it behind, and keep it on silent, and be master to my digital life once more.

How do you balance the phone-life deal?


One thought on “The beauty of the silent setting.

  1. ahhh too funny. As I read through your blog I sat here with my phone dinging at me with a notification of a text from yourself!! LOL. But – you are so right. This morning my phone rang, and then went to messages (so I got a ding!) while I was in the shower. I had to purposefully tell myself a phone call could wait till I could return the call – I didn’t need to disturb what I was doing. This is a good reminder to be in control of the technology we let into our lives.

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