Sights of Prague

The sights of Prague continue! One night we went to a folklore concert IT WAS THE BEST! The live music was so catchy and the dancers were dressed in traditional Polish wear. A few times they dragged the audience into the dances, including two from our tour. It was fun to watch! (If I'd been … Continue reading Sights of Prague

Prague has a golden melon and a very big clock.

Praguecwas our next stop, via bus before train, and our three nights here were amazing. I think it was my favourite city so far! This statue by Kafka rotates! Mmhmm I wanted one. Giraffes! Made of Bohemian glass! This is also the spot Denise and I decided we coukd be friends because we like all … Continue reading Prague has a golden melon and a very big clock.

Consalting the salt mines…

We spent half a day on the salt mines on our second day in Krakow. In action for 700 years, we explored a mere 1% of the mines in four hours on foot! We climbed down aaaaall these stairs! Our guide actually started to feel woozy from turning continually in the same direction so tried … Continue reading Consalting the salt mines…

Jewish Ghetto in Krakow

We spent a few days in Krakow after Warsaw. I loved the landscape on the train through. Insert photo spam here, not sorry. 😉 The old town boasts a beautiful old town square. I think the town square’s main building was prettier, but it was picturesque nonetheless. There was a stronger medieval feel here too. … Continue reading Jewish Ghetto in Krakow

The day I went to Auschwitz (Instagram repost)

Today was a heavy day. My skin literally crawled and I didn't want to walk. I wished I could get the tears out but really, it wasn't about how I felt as the atrocities committed to 1.3 million Jews and Slavics here at Auschwitz.  What do I say? How do I get my feelings out? … Continue reading The day I went to Auschwitz (Instagram repost)