Let’s go flying…

  Dad took me up for a fly on the weekend. We've had over 1,000ml of water in the last two months, so the waterfalls are aplenty and the scenery splendidly lush. I live in the most amazing place! Thank you Dad!

The Random Mind of Jess, C. Saturday 12:30pm

It’s been a while, guys. I really don’t like saying that << because it feels like you spend so long writing about why you haven’t been writing and giving a thousand apologies and promising (normally without fruition) to do better in the future, and now that I think about it Blogging Experts do tell you … Continue reading The Random Mind of Jess, C. Saturday 12:30pm

the good girl and the game changer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IpwRKuw59M I’m sitting down for Bible study prep on Wednesday for the upcoming Tuesday afternoon (score on the organisational front!) and start reading Luke one’s account of Gabriel dropping this bomb shell of Jesus on 13 year old Mary. It adds a level of scariness, culture differences of marriage aside, to think of the girls … Continue reading the good girl and the game changer

I’m never booking flights online again.

I’ve changed my outfit three times today. Three times. Not because I’m doing especially dirty or gross work. It just can't get... right! I probably need a shower. A shower would feel good. It’s all very frustrating really. 😛 This week has been a good week! My boss and I are discussing a pay rise … Continue reading I’m never booking flights online again.

it’s okay to struggle

One of the best feelings in life is the lift in your chest when you finally tell someone. It’s like taking off a heavy backpack, or climbing out of the pool and re-orientating with gravity, or finally twisting open a new jar lid. The pressure lifts. Freedom bubbles up. Every muscle relaxes. I’m naturally a … Continue reading it’s okay to struggle