Who’s the brat in Bratislava?

Because if you have the chance to tick another country off the list of "countries I have been to", you do it. This time, it was Slovakia. People in our tour group changed their minds a few times about whether to go and in the end it was only Dave, Chris, and I who ventured … Continue reading Who’s the brat in Bratislava?

Not sold on Vienna, but the art museum was good!

Vienna was actually quite a boring city. Maybe I did it wrong but I didnt like it very much! It felt too modern, too many new buildings, with no real city centre as a base to get my teeth into some cool buildings.  But here is some of what I did see. This is the … Continue reading Not sold on Vienna, but the art museum was good!

The Small Town of Czesky Krumlov

Czesky Krumlov (there are lots of Czesky somethings out there, but this one is a Krumlov) was our next stop and a beautiful place to spend a few days. Although it is a small town, it boasts a lovely view and a pretty fun castle! This style of artwork is called scraffiti. Originally the graffiti … Continue reading The Small Town of Czesky Krumlov

SeePrague’s castle

We knew that yesterday's guide Sarah was going to run a tour through the castle and we knew we wanted to join in! Again it was a lot of fun and a lot of information! You can fit five Buckingham Palace's inside this Palace. It isn't as obviously a palace as Buckingham or other castles; … Continue reading SeePrague’s castle

Sights of Prague

The sights of Prague continue! One night we went to a folklore concert IT WAS THE BEST! The live music was so catchy and the dancers were dressed in traditional Polish wear. A few times they dragged the audience into the dances, including two from our tour. It was fun to watch! (If I'd been … Continue reading Sights of Prague