The Lost Choice

I have a friend who happens to be a fellow bookworm.  We often discuss great reads, and demand of each other that ‘you have to read that book!’  On several occasions, she has come to my house and confronted me with ‘the best books ever’ – the ones she tells me are great but I … Continue reading The Lost Choice


The Lost Choice

"Everybody - every single body - makes a difference!  But there is a choice that determines what kinda difference you will make.  Most folks don't see how important they are... how much they matter to all of us.  So they never choose to do somethin' special [with] their lives.  And not makin' a choice?  That … Continue reading The Lost Choice

Procastination and Living for God

  I’m tired of procrastinating.  Just in the last hour, I was thinking, “One of these days, I’ll…” when I realized how sick I was of saying that.  I don’t normally think of myself as a procrastinator, but suddenly several things that I’ve been putting off came to mind, and I decided I had had … Continue reading Procastination and Living for God