Forget the Lists!

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about lists.  You know me – I love ‘em.  (Read: How my Weirdest Hobby Can Help You and From Mess to Less)  It’s true that they really help me think through what I need to do for the day, get things done, and plan … Continue reading Forget the Lists!


{favourite books} Making My Room Special

Making My Room Special, written by Emilie Barnes, was one of my favourite books when I was younger (see, I told you I was weird.)  As I've grown older, I still can't get away from Emilie Barnes - but that's another story I'll share another time. The title and cover describes it all really - … Continue reading {favourite books} Making My Room Special

A stitch in time saves nine

A stitch in time saves nine… When I was younger, I could never get my head around this old saying.  "A stitch in time saves nine what?!" and  "I don't have anything I need to sew in a hurry..." I reasoned that if I didn’t do it now, I could always do it later; after … Continue reading A stitch in time saves nine

From Mess to Less

If I’ve told you once; I’ve told you a 'thousand times’… I love lists. Lists are the highlight of my day, the objective truth to an overwhelming morning -- my security of accomplishment. My family knows this extremely well – they can testify to it personally any day.  Any friend of mine will admit their … Continue reading From Mess to Less

Taking the Time

Rush, rush, rush.  That’s one word (multiplied by three) that I think sometimes describes me.  I have so many ideas (I call them brilliant; my family just nods and yeah-rights me), plans and desires; I want to do them all at once!  I once had a brilliant idea to live stream the kids’ play on … Continue reading Taking the Time