Simplifying my outlook

A year or two ago our computer man found out that we hoarded emails.  He was shocked and told us that no wonder our computer was so slow - Mum's Outlook was working overtime! Even though he didn't look at how many emails I had, I had over a thousand and thought that counted as … Continue reading Simplifying my outlook


Deleting and managing my emails

On Saturday I spent a large amount of time deleting emails. When I say 'deleting emails', I don't just mean clicking a button and moving emails from the Inbox to the deleted files folder; I mean I actually made myself go into the deleted files folder, and permanently delete them! Mind you I did open … Continue reading Deleting and managing my emails

Shopping for Time book review

A few weeks back I was sucked into reading in a book written by Carolyn Mahaney and her three daughters, Nicole, Kristin and Janelle, called Shopping for Time. Shopping for Time isn’t a very big book but instead of giving us a ‘to-do list’ of all the things necessary to save time, they base their … Continue reading Shopping for Time book review

The Time, the Hare and the Tortoise

  Sunday I re-watched the above video of Josh Harris’, ‘Self-Control in a Wired World’.  I initially watched it a year ago - and I know I've already blogged it - but re-watching reaffirms it in my brain.  This week I’ve been seeking to put what he is saying into practice, by not stopping by … Continue reading The Time, the Hare and the Tortoise

Time Managment Ideas

During the month of June, us youngest three kids forgo a lot of our schoolwork and focus on crafty projects to enter into our local Agricultural Show coming up.  With so much ‘free time’ and several crafty and event planning projects on the go I find I’m struggling to manage my time wisely.  Time management … Continue reading Time Managment Ideas