I’m never booking flights online again.

I’ve changed my outfit three times today. Three times. Not because I’m doing especially dirty or gross work. It just can't get... right! I probably need a shower. A shower would feel good. It’s all very frustrating really. 😛 This week has been a good week! My boss and I are discussing a pay rise … Continue reading I’m never booking flights online again.


Sitting on a dead horse

It’s a bit of an odd phrase but it’s one that works for me and has stuck with me for the last couple of years. It really helps me to explain what I’m feeling and make decisions in my life without feeling bad about it (which is great, because I don’t really like change or … Continue reading Sitting on a dead horse

What I learned in February

Good morning peoples! It is a bright and sunny Saturday here and it is a long weekend, summon the praise hands. I really need this long(er) break; life has been a bit crazy of late, between rolling/spraining/hearing my ankle go crack at frisbee, being emotionally invested with people's lives, and having our kitchen renovated!! (Much excitement there. … Continue reading What I learned in February

And don’t it feel good…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEXQkrllGbA I'm listening to Lean on Me and Walking on Sunshine and I'm hoping you all have a wonderful weekend! Don't forget to smile and talk to people. 🙂 xx Jess

Officially twenty-one.

I celebrated with a nanny nap the day after my birthday, so there you go. Enjoy youth while you have it, you youn’ un’s. 😉 I am really excited about turning twenty one. It's not like lightning has flashed from the sky announcing my arrival into the grand world of adulthood, because I celebrated (albeit … Continue reading Officially twenty-one.