Dependability and Attentiveness

Our family is learning about dependability at the moment, with Character First (CF) .  They define it as ‘fulfilling what I consented to do, even if it means unexpected sacrifice’; Mum simplifies it by putting it this way; ‘doing what I said I would do, even when it’s hard.’  It reminds me of Dr. Seuss’ … Continue reading Dependability and Attentiveness



Enthusiasm: expressing joy in each task as I give it my best effort.[1] To use another definition; enthusiasm is God’s energy in my Spirit expressing itself through my mind, will and actions.[2] Basically there are two parts to enthusiasm on a biblical level: soul enthusiasm –‘natural’, circumstance-run enthusiasm - and spirit enthusiasm – enthusiasm given … Continue reading Enthusiasm

How to Get Joy

Jesus, be the centre be my source, be my light, Jesus   Jesus, be the centre be my hope, be my song, Jesus be the fire in my heart be the wind in these sails be the reason that I live Jesus, Jesus - Michael Frye

Thankyou Practice!

Last week my Mum was away for six days – Thursday to Tuesday.  Although we had friends and Dad around for practically all the time, Mum kind of gave me a crash-course on what needed to be done to keep everything running.  It was fairly easy – Mum left her daily diary here with instructions … Continue reading Thankyou Practice!

The Joys of Joy

Although the world might describe joy as ‘extreme happiness’, as a Christian, joy is a happiness based on truth—the Truth, the truth that sets us free, the truth that can never spoil or fade, but tells of a great inheritance kept in heaven for us, through Jesus Christ our Messiahs’ death on the cross  and … Continue reading The Joys of Joy