The Tower Of Babel: exposed!

After our hectic month of July, we have started our normal school routine for term three. As it is when you first start school after a break, I am enjoying my studies… hopefully that feeling will last! This week I’ve picked up my history book, The Puzzle of Ancient Man by Donald E. Chittick.  I … Continue reading The Tower Of Babel: exposed!


A Student’s Progress

This week is Western Australia's first week of school for 2010.  Our family likes to take spontaneous school holidays off for birthdays, friends' birthdays, public holidays, and other random reasons, and we often start our school holidays a week before the school system does.   Not this month, however.  No, just like the rest of W.A … Continue reading A Student’s Progress

Heart Focus Parenting

Well, after much hard work, my Mum, Belinda Letchford, has finally released her new [and first] book, Heart Focus Parenting, as an e-book on her website! HFP is all about the importance of focusing on your child’s heart, instead of simply fixing the externals. You can buy the e-book for 12.00 (Australian dollars) at 8.5MB. … Continue reading Heart Focus Parenting

Is evolution true? Darwin wonders

Establishing the Canon of Scripture

Have you ever wondered how the Bible we have today came to be?   How did the Church decide what should be included in the Canon of Scripture? First of all, what is a canon of Scripture – you’re probably thinking of the Grand Canyon and wondering what has that got to do with the Bible.  … Continue reading Establishing the Canon of Scripture