Awakening the World

Before Martin Luther studied the Bible for himself, the Church taught that salvation is to be bought by our money given to the Church, our good works, and the ‘holy’ sights seen on pilgrimages.  Basically it was a big, spiritual board game; making an effort to see a sight so you can buy your way … Continue reading Awakening the World


Moral Relativism

I found my notes on ‘Be Intolerant’ and moral relativism the other day, so I thought I would share them with you.  In a nutshell, a moral relativist is someone who believes we should tolerate, or accept, people for whatever it is somebody else chooses to do; whether it is abortion, cheating at school, or … Continue reading Moral Relativism

Evidence for Jericho

The battle of Jericho: what a great story! I love it. Yet did it really happen? Many people would laugh it off as a fable tale passed down from generations to explain the ruins found near modern-day Jericho; but is there actually some truth to it? If one was to look at the evidence, taking … Continue reading Evidence for Jericho