Life in Laos

Since my Canadian adventures I’ve moved to Laos for several months to teach English. You can follow me on Instagram at @jessletchford94 for more pictures but here’s a snapshot of my daily life – the things I see, touch, and walk past. Enjoy!

I ate the right hand noodle stir-fry and man was it tasty. Definitely want to come here again to eat! 

I see this wall a lot as it’s on the other side of my street. It reminds me of a wall quilt picture from my Uniting ch. childhood. I love how this art on the street matches the feel of the street. And obviously someone had a lot of fun making it!

Discarded objects, sooted buildings, and loose building materials are common, right next to motorbike rental shops, guesthouses, and restaurants. I was walking down the back alley to work for the first time in a while due to the recent rain muddying the road, to find a building demolished! I had no idea that was going to happen. Construction, make do, and reconstruction is the name of the game here.

 I finally captured one of these tractor-buggy-carts! This one may have been on the Thai side of the border but I see them on the outskirts of Pakse. Apparently they are quite hard to steer. 

Pull the string to open the pipe to flush and use the bucket to top up! 

My friend was driving me on the back of her motorbike but we needed to stop for a slightly deflated pump. This yellow air pump coils out several metres from inside the shop/shed to the side of the road.

Bagpackers are the new backpacker’s, y’all…

And to finish up on a big note, this beast makes me laugh! I don’t think it is actually DRIVEN, but more for looks. The personalised number plate alone would cost $16000. It’s honestly massive, not that I’m very tall buuut I couldn’t see into the windows or trayback. 🙃😂

Hope you enjoyed…. Hopefully more to come!


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