Austrian Mountains and Small White Gazebos, these are a few of my favourite things

One couldn’t help but be happy and twirl here….

My sound of music tour was amazing! I was picked up in style from the hotel. Our tour guide was fantastic. Dressed in her traditional dress, Christi was the sort of woman to bake you gingerbread men and make you drink her hot chocolate. 

The lakes we saw were beautiful! The brightness of the water is due to the linestone in the mountain rocks.

The abbey the real Maria worked in, and the Abbey in the movie. 

The back of the house. Not the front of the house (that is now the Motzart museum!) The house we see in the movie is actually two different buildings! 

Sighhhhh… the beautiful infamous gazebo. The gazebo was originally in the gardens beside the house, but as it is private property and 300,000 people visit Salzburg TO SEE The Sound of Music sights, they moved the gazebo to its new location. Also, it’s quite a small gazebo. All the inside shots in the movie used a Hollywood set gazebo so it had more room for all the cameras!

And this is where Maria and Captain Von Trapp married in the movie! 😍😍Again, unlike what we see in the movie, it isn’t connected to the Abbey but is in a small town called Mondsee outside Salzburg.

What? I should eat apple strudel? Okay….


3 thoughts on “Austrian Mountains and Small White Gazebos, these are a few of my favourite things

  1. Awesome Jess so glad you did this. Your own private itinerary seems to of been a real gem. I’m jealous.

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