Who’s the brat in Bratislava?

Because if you have the chance to tick another country off the list of “countries I have been to”, you do it. This time, it was Slovakia.

People in our tour group changed their minds a few times about whether to go and in the end it was only Dave, Chris, and I who ventured into the unknown. For 16€ each we bought a return ticket from Vienna to Bratislava and off we went!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is good, because it was a fairly uneventful day! I’m mostly glad I went, but half wish I stayed in Vienna to explore their cake and crown jewels instead… I probsbly would feel the reverse if I stayed behind, though! It is a slightly run down city, and could do with some TLC in rhe gardens and roads. Bratislava was also very quiet, and had no vibe in its aging buildings and roads. Maybe we came the wrong day?

Outside Parliament House.

I will say though, the pottery here was SO FUNKY! If only I could have brought some home with me…. (this was a spontaneous wandering round while the boys delibersted over maps or sometging important, so i didnt stay here as long as I would have liked but its not like I could buy any anyway!)

The castle is pretty…. Castley. Very white with a solid wall around it and an expansive view to look at!

Overall… It wasn’t the most amazing city but it was good for me to do something spontaneous even if it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. No matter what else I can now say I have been to Slovakia!


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