Not sold on Vienna, but the art museum was good!

Vienna was actually quite a boring city. Maybe I did it wrong but I didnt like it very much! It felt too modern, too many new buildings, with no real city centre as a base to get my teeth into some cool buildings. 

But here is some of what I did see.

This is the home of Maria from the movie Woman in Gold. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. It is a beautiful and sad movie exploring prosperous Jews in the face of Nazi Occupation in Austria.

This column annoyed me and challenged me. As I wrote on Instagram, the story goes something like this:

Dude: hey God, if you let me survive the Black Plague I’ll build you a column!

God: sweet, I really wanted a column. 

Why do we bribe and penance our way through life before God?! It annoyed me because God doesn’t need a column. He wants us. But then again, I am guilty of holding onto my sin and playing penance, or pleading for something and promising to do better if I get what I want, only to not really do it if I do get it, and barely saying thank you afterwards.

This art gallery was created by Albert and Christina, and like all cute couples would, dubbed it The Albertina. Nawww how adorably corny. Christina was Marie Antoinette’s sister and the mother’s favourite. The Squadron (Chris, Dave, Tandi, Rachelle, and I) dispersed inside for about an hour snd I LOVED IT. For one, Monet is my favourite artist, or impressionalists in general.  I love the beauty Monet showcases with his soothing, watery style in the pretty pastel colours. We saw a few of his pieces and other similar styles. The above piece was my favourite piece, though not Monet.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Maria Lessnig’s works (not pictured). Her pictures are very emotive, very much about feelings and how she sees the world, so some of her sketches do look like a four year old drew it. I think that is the joy of art that she nailed, though: art is about expression, and what you think and feel, how you see the world, about practicing and refining yourself, rather than copying the masters. Despite Lessnig touching on some heavy and controversial topics for her time, like body image, I thought it was quite refreshing to see her just… do her own thing.

Actually that’s why I liked this museum – it was fresh and different and expressive. After spending a few solid days in art galleries in Rome and Florence, walking past naked person after naked person in the same Renaissance style, art galleries lost their sense of enjoyment! It was fun to see something different and just enjoy it.

Hitler supposedly delivered a speech from this building. However. Somehow they Photoshopped him in. I don’t know how they did that before Photoshop existed?! The mind boggles.

This guy, Franz Joseph, was an Emporer of Austria-Hungary during the turn of the 20th century. His wife, Elisabeth, was a beautiful Hungarian princess and much loved by all. Her hair was never cut and made itvall the way down to her ankles. Her husband was less loved, however. His nephew Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914 during conflict in Bosnia (who had ties with Russia). Franz Joseph signed a declaration of war and so world war One began.

My other highlight in Vienna was the roasted boar with gravy, cranberry sauce, and potato dumplings, but somehow I didn’t take a photo of it. Sniff sniff. 
All in all, it was a pretty diverse place to see a bit of art, history, and food. Don’t think I’d go back in a hurry but now I’m hungry for some cranberry sauce with boar….


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