The Small Town of Czesky Krumlov

Czesky Krumlov (there are lots of Czesky somethings out there, but this one is a Krumlov) was our next stop and a beautiful place to spend a few days. Although it is a small town, it boasts a lovely view and a pretty fun castle!

This style of artwork is called scraffiti. Originally the graffiti tag of Scrat, from Ice Age. ๐Ÿ˜‚ When I was a kid, I completely covered a piece of paper in random splotches of coloured crayon, then painted black overtop. When dry, I used a skewer or toothpick to scratch back the black paint into a colourful drawing. Scraffiti is essentially the same and can look very 3D. In some places, like this picture of the palace courtyard, it looked too obviously fake to be believable, but I think that added to its palace charm. A palace is all about make believe and fairy tales, right?

A bear lives in the moat surrounding the castle, and has for several hundred years (not the same bear, obviously). We looked serveral times but each time I visited, he was hiding. Aside from one person on our tour seeing his cute little self, we started to jokingly wonder if he existed! However there were enough bear skins laying around inside the castle itself to assure me they really did keep bears in the moat!

Tandi, Rachelle, and I took a tour through the castle (no photos were allowed inside unfortunately). It was fun! The best part was our hilarious guide. He was always finishing his sentences with ‘yes, mmmm’ and at the end gave a very flamboyant bow. But he was quite informative! ๐Ÿ˜ Back in the day, in the 1700s, a king’s bedroom was also his office, so the waiting room for anybody wishing an audience with the king (set up with chess and such board games in case of boredom… I didn’t know people got bored back then) led straight to his bedroom. The bed was quite small, but I suppose that shows how much shorter people used to be. The rooms throughout were beautifully decorated; colourful walls and large portraits, with polished and patterned wooden floors or long carpets. As we walked through we could see the styles change with the centuries, as well as different families ruling or living from here. It was owned by three different families over the years; the second family received it as a gift against a loan by the original family, whose family line died out. Interestingly, the second family kept the crest and family symbols in at least part of the home, when they moved in, and you can see the first family’s suite to the second family’s. I also loved the ballroom/entertainment room. It was roof-to-floor covered in colourfully dressed, humourously posed, people, painted in such a way it looked like they were actually 3D from how they used shadows. 

One afternoon we took a raft down the river! It was beautiful and super relaxing. We stopped halfway for a picnic, some of us braved the cold water, we survived the ‘rapids’, and for several hours, we floated down the river soaking up the beautiful green reflections on the still water and the birds singing. Unfortunately I don’t have many photos as I didn’t take my camera into the raft with me so you’ll have to use your imagination. ๐Ÿ˜Š


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