Sights of Prague

The sights of Prague continue!

One night we went to a folklore concert IT WAS THE BEST! The live music was so catchy and the dancers were dressed in traditional Polish wear. A few times they dragged the audience into the dances, including two from our tour. It was fun to watch! (If I’d been quicker I would have got up there!) One dance included bringing new dancers in constantly and playing musical chairs of sorts. When the music stopped the dancers swapped partners, but as there was always one extra person, they danced with a broom! 

Chris and I explored the communism museum. It was good to grow my understanding of communism and how badly everyone wanted the wall to come down. In 1989, Prague, the students marched nearly all the way to the city square in protest.  Over the next ten days meetings were held in secret from the government as they grew the resistance until the locals again protested inthe main square,  this time silently jingling their keys for hours on end. There were several protests during this time, each one biggef tgan tge last. It was sadcto see the brute force of the police used to shut down the individuals in the streets, even if they were only “checking it out”. 

We visited a couple of Jewish synagogues. I went into the oldest one andtalked with a lovely little old lady sitting there for the purpose of answering questions, who looked very bored until I asked her a question and her whole face lit up. She was very sweet and explained a lot about the set up of the synagogue. Iasked if Icould take a photo eith her but she politely declined, saying, “it’s not such a good idea when you’re my age!” Nawww.

The synagoge was the old new synagoge, called that for one of two reasons. Either it was the New Synagogue but renamed the Old New Synagogue when newer Synagogues were built, or it was because it sounds very similar to the original Hebrew word “on condition”, as legend has it the bricks are from Jerusalem and they were borrowed on the condition they are returned when The Messiah comes. Take your pick I guess.

Only the men worship here. Women are in a seperate area and can here the teaching through windows in the wall. (Poor girls, always put in another room as to not distract the guys with their beauty!! 😂)

This Jewish Synagogue is turned into a memorial of all the Jews deported from Prague. 

These pictures are by kids in Terezin, the propoganda concentrationcamp. Here the professors, smart people, and their families were sent to set up their mini town, with “governors” and a whole town system set up. It was to make the Nazi’s idea look good. Except… no school. Kids were often given jobs, such as cleaning, but one woman, the wife of a professor and supervisor of the children, secretly worked around this. When the guards left her alone with the kids for twenty minute blocks, she started talking to them about physics,  history, or maths, while they continued to work. Or she’d hand out pieces of paper and ask the kids to draw their home, their first memories, what they wanted to be when they grew up… drawings to keepctheir childhood innocence alive. In s CONCENTRATION CAMP. They also drew pictures of Terezin, and since kids just don’t draw propoganda, we now know what lifecwas really like in Terezin. When this woman had to leave, she gathered 1,200 pictures and hid them on the grounds hoping they would survive. They did, and some pictures were returned to the original artists. Anyone else got goosebumps?

This Jewish Cemetery is at least 12 graves deep. Jews lived in the Jewish Quarter between the 1200s and WWII, but until the 1800s were only allowed to live and bury their dead within this quarter. Obviously you’d run out of space, but they weren’t allowed to expand out, so they built up.

Trdelnik, a donut cone filled with ice cream or apple strudel filling or cream. My apple one was so yum!

With an hour to kill, we walked over to the John Lennon wall and peeing statues. Peeing statues are clever and all but the John Lennon wall is sooo cool! I love the messages of unity and love that is layered upon layerupon layer on this wall. Next time I’m bringing paint to add to it! (And a busker was playing Stand By Me, the only Lennon song I know, which made this place so much more hippy.)

Castle coming!!


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  1. Terrific blog Jess. You are obviously having a ball!
    Wow that donut !!!!!
    Keep adventuring
    Wendy x

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