SeePrague’s castle

We knew that yesterday’s guide Sarah was going to run a tour through the castle and we knew we wanted to join in! Again it was a lot of fun and a lot of information!

You can fit five Buckingham Palace’s inside this Palace. It isn’t as obviously a palace as Buckingham or other castles; it is more of an extensive ground with lots of beautiful buildings inside.

The Church is massive. It also took over 600 years to build so it contains Baroque, Gothic, and Renaissance style architecture. It still isn’t perfectly finished but enough is enough. Considering it was only finished in the 1900’s I can agree, the government must be sick of the project! 

Of course all this building costs money. So do wars and other goings one when running a country, so in an effort to raise money they offered for people to buy a window. The red block on the bottom of the window? I hear this insurance company is worth looking into. 😂

The windows inside are gorgeous. Definitely the prettiest I saw on my trip.

The changing of the guards. DO NOT get in their wayas they stop for no one!

This tree below is at least 500 years old. A lot of new plants and trees were introduced to Europe inside this castle. It was the first European city to see tulips from the Turks, before they took off (literally) in Holland.


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