Prague has a golden melon and a very big clock.

Praguecwas our next stop, via bus before train, and our three nights here were amazing. I think it was my favourite city so far!

This statue by Kafka rotates!

Mmhmm I wanted one. Giraffes! Made of Bohemian glass! This is also the spot Denise and I decided we coukd be friends because we like all things that sparkle and glitter. Haha.

So funny story… we were on an orientation tourcwith our guide the afternoon we arrived in Prague and we stopped to look at this tower, which was also the entranceto the city in time gone by. Some question about the original size and dynamics was asked, to which Esther didn’thave an answer. Tour comedian Bev jumped in, describing this moat that used to be “right here” in her exaggerated way. Funny story. Only to find out on an indepth tour of the city with a different guide the next day, that there indeed was a moat right here! šŸ˜‚

John Hus was burned, cut open, and smashed to pieces here, in Prague. This is his statue and we have him to thank for kickstarting the reformation as it happened, 100 years before Martin Luther. 

Mind you I am discovering just how much Catholics and Protestants hated each other’s guts (and wanted them) during this time. Prague changed religionsc,ultiple times since the 1500s and both sides had a go at defenestration over the years. The Protestants grabbed 12 Catholic leaders, threw them off the first floor, which isn’t very high, but it is still painful if pitchforks are awaiting you at the bottom. 1 Corinthians 13, anyone?! 

The astronomical clock is the ultimate clock. I couldn’t fully get my head around it, but the top explains the time using sunlight (their day went from sundown to sundown rather than from midnight), the month, the moon’s cycle, and the bottom clock explains the farming cycle and name day. Name day is like birthdays here. Mine is May 24th in Prague! Every hour the twelve apostles make a quick appearance from the windows and the skeleton nods his head. The other three men, Vanity,  Greed, and Entertainment, shake their head to say noooo, our time of death has not yet come! I think the four at the bottom represent the four virtues too.

Meet King Charles IV. And Sarah, our extremely enthusiastic, creative, passionate guide for both the city tour, and the castle tour. Her enthusiasm was soooo contagious.

These gold plaques represent Jewish victims of WWII all over the world, placed outside their old homes. 

Houses in Prague are defined by a monument above the door. This is, wait for it, the House of the Golden Melon!

And of course, there is the Charles Bridge. He laid the first foundation on 1357.9.7 5:31am. Notice how the numbers go up and down… like a bridge? šŸ˜‰ I didn’t actually walk the whole thing – it was PACKED! – but it creates a sporting view.

Lover’s Bridge. So many locks from the dreamy eyed…

To finish on a less juicy note… here’s a snap of some delicious raspberry lemonade. šŸ˜‚ I’ve had several flavoured lemonades since being here and really enjoying it!


3 thoughts on “Prague has a golden melon and a very big clock.

  1. Oh to learn from history! If only. Looks a beautiful city outwardly if not in its history, but they all have their sordid past.
    P.s. Which lock was yours on the bridge?

    1. Yes this is true. Thankfully our PSC hasn’t resorted to defenestration yet!! Um no none of them were mine dad… I’ll keep you posted if there is a guy I’m doing this with! šŸ˜˜

  2. Ooh, Prague! I wanna go there! The architecture is spectacular and the Charles Bridge is so neat!

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