Warsaw and country

We took an early morning drive to Warsaw. Poland was thecnumber one country i wanted to visit so I was pretty excited. The landscape is stunning. Very European. 

Warsaw is also very pretty!

Originally Poland was a part of Luthuania which was in itself a big country. Over the years Poland was ruled by Sweden, Hungary, Austria, and Prussia. Krakow was originally the capital but a king moved it to Warsaw so he could more easily govern Sweden as well. However, no king was ever corronated or buried in Warsaw; they left these honours to Krakow to appease themafter stealing the capital from them. Since it was ruled by different countries, the palace is quite a checkboard of designs!

Our walking tour guide for the afternoon, Jack, informed us on the customs of Poles:

– run late. It’s impolite to be on time.

– wear socks and sandals (NC12 anyone?! Haha)

– when greeting someone talk about how bad the weather is, how sick your children are, how horrible your wife is, and how much you hate your job. They aren’t always grumpy, but they like to snall talk the negatives stuff!

– if you see a line, join it and then ask what it’s for. Lining up is a tradition established in the good ole communistic days of Poland.

I loved the mismatching rooftop shapes, and the colourful buildings.

Spot the narrowest building? It was for tax evasion purposes, as tax was based on front wall width and windows. The back of the building is massive, but don’t feel too sorry for his outsmarted neighbours… it backed on to the rubbish dump, so wasn’t very nice!!

We enjoyed another meal in a hidden, rustic, book-laden restaurant – dumplings and an apple-mint lemonade.  Dumplings need cheese, I think, as the meat is quite dry on its own, but it was still tasty. The drink was delish.

This is the view from another palace we visited which came with a foresty park and several fancy buildings like below. And it’s of course not complete without a jump photo!


2 thoughts on “Warsaw and country

  1. Poland looks like a quintessentially European country to visit, so many beautiful old buildings and lush countryside. Socks & thongs?!?! Haha – Mr Jak would fit right in!! 😀

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