A lost girl on a Berlin train…

Berlin was an interesting and funky city! There is so much history to see I didn’t even scatch the surface of all thecmuseums and sights, but here is what I did get to take in!

Saturday morning, I found a lovely little garden park heading East. I have decided I love flowers. So beautiful!

The Treehouse was built by a Turkish Immigrant in what became No Man’s Land. Because neither party could make him move, and the land technically belonged to the Church who favoured his garden he grew beside the treehouse, they allowed him to stay. Everything was recycled and when he was threatened to move, he cemented everything down! 

Grafitti is everywhere, but a lot of it is actually amazing sunflowers, animals, or other actual artwork. It is the home of the East Side Gallery!
Regardless of how easy or hard a certain city’s public transport may claim to be, if you are a kid from woop woop in Australia who learned to drive without traffic lights and merging lanes… trains are overwhelming!! I got so lost after leaving the airport.  I checked Google maps with the airport wifi. However I rode the bus to the end of the line rather than hopping off at stop 5 (should have stuck to my google map instructions!!) then misunderstood the lady selling me a new ticket. Eventually I figured out I was in new country and heading towards country, not city, and I had no wifi or a clue how the trainline maps worked, so I asked God for an angel and a woman if she spoke English. Turns out I was heading the wrong way! She helped me find where I needed to be but I asked another lady where I n6eeced to go, as I didn’t understand what the first woman said. Actually I think I asked another lady in between those two as well! The people were very friendly and happy to help. Eventually I made it onto a train heading to Ostbahnhof, the suburb of my hotel. I was so relieved to discover the hotel was just around the corner! So yeah… that was my baptism by fire to public transport, with no map, and in a foreign country!

That was Thursday afternoon…on Saturday I thought I would face them again. Between a train line map, my parents on messenger, and signs (I love you), I found my train line and it all clicked. Since then trains are fun! At one point a couple of musicians walked on with a mic, background music, and trumpets! That was fun!

Wilhem Kaiser Memorial Church was heavily destroyed in WWII, along with 70% of Berlin. 70% is a lot of bombed buildings needing restoration, not to mention surviving during the war. They are still restoring. The mosaics on the floor were beautiful! And the paintings, so heavy laden with gold, were stunningly crisp and bright. Next door was a new church using some of the original glass, and the oversized gold statue of Jesus. I have never seen a Jesus looking so so sad. I think I tend to rush through the enormity of all our sins on his shoulders, and how much pain and suffering he experienced, emotional and physical. It gave me some food for thought. 

Strawberries for lunch! So fresn and juicy. Think Mirror Mirror haha but no kissing.

I walked through Tiergarten. It is beautiful!!

Bradenburg Gate was in No Man’s Land during the cold war. They actually bent the wall around it but was unpassable for the forty odd years of the wall. The statues on top tepresentvictory and peace, kinda ironically, so it was absolutely flooded with people when the wall came down. Firecrackers went off everywhere and actually damaged it!!

Part b coming…


One thought on “A lost girl on a Berlin train…

  1. Great adventures Jess …that certainly was one scary experience! Looking forward to the next installment
    Safe and exciting travels xx

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