Jess Gone Global v. 2017


After months of planning and dreaming and stressing and writing countless lists – tomorrow I start my overseas adventure! I cannot wait.

It’s been an adventure already, that’s for sure! I was nine days from boarding a plane and bidding my family adieu when Dad and I went on a last Kimberley bushwalk, I slipped, and I knocked my two front teeth out, roots and all. It was slightly traumatic and quite shocking. Did you know dentists have big white fluffy blankets in case you’re shaking from shock? (Either that, or because it’s always freezing at the dentist’s!) I am so thankful Dad was there to help me walk back to the car and hightail me to town, and for our local dentist who could put the teeth back in. It took a month of removing nerves, soft foods (pureed meat and gravy actually tastes amazing!), chipped teeth, lots of couch time, and SO MUCH prayer and hugs and caring messages. My teeth are rebuilt up and back to normal, restored, now, and I’m so happy with them. It taught me a lot, especially about keeping my eyes on Jesus in the stormy times. He does all things well.

Because of my teeth, I had to delay my trip by a month. I’m actually glad I had the past month to rest at home after both the accident and working full-time, and not go into this trip tired from life. I think I’m in a better headspace about going, too, having had more time to process and prepare for it.

So where am I going now?

First stop is Europe! I’m on a tour through the main cities in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary. Afterwards, I spend a bit more time in Austria again, and all the old-buildings, world-changing historical sights are going to be mind-blowing. I then fly to Canada. Canada is a REALLY. BIG country, I’ve discovered, but I’m really excited about spotting some iconic views I’ve dreamed about visiting for years. After this, I’m heading to Laos to volunteer for a few months at a small English school. I’m excited to see how I grow, and I know it will be a humbling experience.

While I’m unsure what internet and time I’ll have, I’d like to keep my blog updated with all the details, photos, and my experiences, plus what it’s teaching me along the way. So subscribe and stay tuned here! (For my facebook friends: I’ll be putting some pics and linking to the blog posts there, too.)

I would love your prayers: for safety, for growth in my relationship with God and understanding of his kingdom, and for emotional and mental strength. I’m also praying I will build friendships and connections with people wherever I go, and hoping they’ll see Jesus. 🙂

Thanks for being on this journey with me! I’m so excited for what I will see, what I will learn, and how I will grow. 😀

Love, Jess xx


2 thoughts on “Jess Gone Global v. 2017

  1. Thanks Jess, great to hear how it’s all going or not as the start may have been! Thinking and praying safe happy travels,take care and keep your wits about you, it’s a big world out there! Lots of love and wishing you well on this life adventure. God bless you
    Tammy & Tim

  2. The world is your oyster dear Jess. Travel safe, learn lots, breathe it all in and keep us up to date with your amazing experience.
    With love and light,Wendy xox

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