I’m never booking flights online again.


I’ve changed my outfit three times today. Three times. Not because I’m doing especially dirty or gross work. It just can’t get… right! I probably need a shower. A shower would feel good. It’s all very frustrating really. 😛

This week has been a good week! My boss and I are discussing a pay rise because I’VE FINISHED MY STUDY! I unofficially/officially/just waiting for the certificate, have a certificate IV Business! It is daunting to now put it all into practice and live like a Cert IV Businessperson, much like trying to act like an adult actually. I’m hoping the skills I learned in marketing, website building, and double-sided bookkeeping will come back to me when the time is right, though (the movies all promise that it will, right?). Next week I’ll sign a contract to a new job description (to do all the things I’m already doing but written in a really fancy way!) and everything will be hunki dori.

I also booked my flights to visit my bestie later this year! I cannot wait to have a break, hopefully see the beach (I’m secretly an amateurish mermaid living in the bush) and spend a solid week with Hayley! And on that note, OH MY travel agents are incredible. This was a straightforward, as-the-crow-flies return flight trip with a travel voucher thrown in kind of booking, but Nicola had my flights booked in the space of seven minutes MAX. May I never book online again.

I now want to be a travel agent. Although, that would contradict my previous sentiment of never booking online again, but I think it’d be okay if I had name badge and unsuspicious websites to work off.

To top it all off I ran 7.14kms this week! I am training for a 9km run in 21 days’ time (yikes!). This 9km run is not any run, at least for me, who normally only has to worry about sidestepping rocks and vainly yelling at the dog to not run after wallabies. This run involves some hills. (Not like Swiss Alps or anything, but roughly four kms’ of up and down Lake Argyle’s hills!)

Also, minor fact, I’ve never run 9kms before. I am missing stuffing my face with chocolate but I am enjoying the challenge and getting into better shape. In the past, I have burned the candle at both ends by jumping headfirst into a running challenge without eating properly or getting enough sleep and before long I turn up to work miserable, with a cold, and not fit. I constantly have to remind myself to avoid sugar and dairy and to eat lots of protein, fruit, and veggies, and get into bed before 9:00pm. I am enjoying the focus, I guess you could say, of a stricter routine where I don’t mess around as much before bed and wake up with enough time to do everything and not rush before work. Hopefully I’ll start eating breakfast before leaving for work soon, too! That’d be a bonus.

As I read over this blog post, I’m wondering, as I have been all this week, what makes for a good week? Why have I noticed these highlights the last few days? Part of it, I think, is the outflow of Garth’s sermon on Sunday – seeing the gifts that God has given me and being thankful for them, and for who he is. That was a really tough pill to swallow, that GOD gives me these gifts. It’s funny; I used to be so, so good at playing Pollyanna as a kid, seeing God as good and thankful for it. As I grew up slightly I learned that life is not always great and maybe negativity or ‘realism’ is justified. Yeah, LIFE SUCKS SOMETIMES, but he still gives me the gifts of good stuff for me to enjoy, and it tastes especially good when I remember that it is a gift, not a given.

Thank you for reading this far!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys.

xx Jess


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