what my beading collection taught me about sharing

what my beading collection taught me about sharing.jpg

I was going through my beading collection the other day. Rows of pink glass beads took me back to days of beading bracelets and necklaces, by myself, with my sister, with my friends. I can’t remember how I got hold of the beads (I think Mum bought them for me), but our surrogate grandma was huge on beading and so we caught the beading craze too. They were so pretty, I loved gazing and sighing over them.

Today, they still sit in my beading box. Years have passed, and yet they still sit there, gleaming in their little compartments.

You know why they didn’t get used?

Because I didn’t want to share them with others.

I didn’t want to run out of them.

I didn’t want to fail at making something.

I didn’t want to waste them on ‘just anything’, so I didn’t do anything with them.

I know it’s just a little thing! But the thing is, they are still in my box and I don’t know if I’m going to ever use them now.

So looking at those boxes of beads, it reminded me that stuff is never too important to hold too tightly onto them. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter if borrowed books get breakfast on them or I run out of my favourite craft supply making stuff. I don’t want to let that stressed feeling of losing something get the better of me. The things I have, the time I have, aren’t for the Scrooging!  Life gets so much more simpler when we just use what we have, share happily, move on, and repeat. Doesn’t that make you breathe a little easier? What I have are freely given gifts that get richer with the giving away in exchange for the memories, the love, and the joy for enjoying it while we had it – that’s what really matters.

So, does anybody want some pink beads?


2 thoughts on “what my beading collection taught me about sharing

  1. I used to do that with stickers. Never had anywhere ‘important enough to stick them so they sat gathering dust for the rest of my child hood. 😦

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