What I learned in February


Good morning peoples! It is a bright and sunny Saturday here and it is a long weekend, summon the praise hands. I really need this long(er) break; life has been a bit crazy of late, between rolling/spraining/hearing my ankle go crack at frisbee, being emotionally invested with people’s lives, and having our kitchen renovated!! (Much excitement there. I’ll post photos soon!) So this weekend I am intentionally not writing a to-do list so that I can do whatever I want to do!

Anyway, this is a new habit I’m trying to get into. It’s easy to forget the cool things I’ve done, the little lessons I’ve made, that there was a turning point between not knowing something, and knowing that thing. Here are a few things I learned in February!

    1. For all my organisational apps and coveted, beautiful day-to-a-page diaries, a boring, unsculptured journal does me just fine. Since my holiday over east, I have used one funky, thin notebook to write my sermon notes, to-do lists, Saturday plans, and whatever else, in it. It suits me fine. I’ve also decided I like paper better than digital lists. I read somewhere our brains work better that way, and I think it might be true, at least for me, at the moment. I feel like I’m capturing everything in this notebook, even if it’s not fancy or structured in any shape or form.
    2. Leading girls’ Bible study with another leader in the same group, works really well! Between our group shrinking size from last year, and the other leader leaving and a new one coming, I was nervous that I was going to slip back into quiet-me with a more adultier adult around. But it hasn’t happened like that. The girls won’t really shut up or stop asking questions anyway, which kind of solved that problem.
    3. The cheese brand is spelled Bega, not Beqa.
    4. I remembered I missed watching TV shows for me, by myself. I used to watch The Mentalist on DVD and I was its Queen of Time. I watched them when I wanted to. They were my TV show but then my siblings grew up and watched them too, and it morphed into a big family ritual. Which was fun! But I missed having my own ‘blobbing out’ show. So now I’m watching ABC’s Miss Fisher (set in the 1920’s, huzzah) and while half the time family watches it with me, I am once again queen of when I watch it and whether I watch it together or by myself.
    5. Throwing away/donating things that just put pressure on me, because I think I ought to keep the present, or I used to like it, or it might come in handy one day, is a really freeing feeling.
    6. Stress paralysed is a thing, people. For real. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. In situations like these, I recommend getting somebody to help you do whatever it is you need help doing.
    7. I haven’t embroidered or quilted in near two years, but I can still do it! AND it turned out rather well, if I may say so myself. 🙂

What did you learn in February?

(this is a part of Emily Freeman’s linkup, What We Learned in February – join in at the link!)


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