Officially twenty-one.

I celebrated with a nanny nap the day after my birthday, so there you go. Enjoy youth while you have it, you youn’ un’s. 😉

I am really excited about turning twenty one. It’s not like lightning has flashed from the sky announcing my arrival into the grand world of adulthood, because I celebrated (albeit the lightning) on my 18th. But three years does change you a lot. Since that day, I’ve travelled overseas by myself, organised and ran a kids’ club for 70 under-eight year olds, got my hair chopped choppy, found a new clothing style, dabbled in lipstick, undertook a Cert IV in Business, tutored part-time, started working full time in an office, got my driver’s licence, bought a car, moved Church, started playing piano in Church again, said yes and no to things, thought about a lot of things, learned how to manage finances, voted, made new friends, unleashed more of my bubbly side, developed a purring tendency towards giraffes, improved in skills, and got brave enough to wear big earrings. Three years changes you, especially when you started out a teenager and then stopped being one.

I’ve learned lately that every little thing is a gift from God that he delights in giving us. He delights in every detail of our life. Life is so much more vibrant when I enjoy those surprises and delights along the way! That doesn’t mean there aren’t hard times, or that I have my life together, but it also doesn’t mean we need to ignore the good things too.

So, now that I have my little d+m out of the way, here is my recount of my one and only 21st birthday.

I ate eggs benedict for breakfast. Not pancakes. Eggs benedict. Change is a good thing, I tell myself, and it’s getting easier to choose that. The salmon topped it off. Yum. (thanks Mummy!)

When present-time came round, I was surprised with a huge box. Inside it lay a spankin-new, beautiful piano. A piano! Wow. I am so looking forward to setting it up and playing it.21 - piano!

(I was a bit excited!)21 - Dad, myself, Mum

wpid-20150927_153729.jpg 21 - onesie sibling photo Josh, Nomi, and Daniel joined forces to buy me a giraffe onesie. I’ve loved giraffes since my trip to Uganda two years ago and I’ve wanted a onesie for a while. It’s practically a wearable hug and I likes it.

21 - sibling photo

Speaking of hugs, we look good together. 🙂

The rest of the day was spent slowly putting my party together. You have to understand, this party caused me quite a bit of stress and indecision and head-banging-on-the-table (ask my friends). I really didn’t know what to do! Eventually – like, with two weeks to go – I emailed out invitations to my 1920’s themed murder mystery party. Despite the short notice, most people were able to come and threw themselves whole-heartedly into the dress ups. The whole night went smashingly. I bought a kit online with instant download for the murder mystery, and it was perfect for what I wanted. Set in 1920, the story involved clues, teams, suspects, politics, history, and intrigue. Check out their website; they have an array of kits, and their support on Facebook was really good too! It was, sadly, a bit advanced for the under-eleven’s, but the 12 year olds and up had a lot of fun.

21 - Josh was brilliant as Chief Inspector
Josh was Chief Inspector. Especially considering the short amount of prep I gave him, he did a fantastic job of keeping the night moving and keeping in character

21 - birthday party

21 - birthday party 21 - birthday party 21 - birthday party 21 - birthday 21- Grace, another suspect

“Grace”, one of the seven suspects, gave her account of the night.

Family photo birthday party 21 My good looking crew
21 - myself and 'Henri', another suspect

“Henri” was another suspect and was suspiciously innocent during interrogation. My team decided he was the culprit.

All my suspects threw themselves into their character. Their personality and story worked perfectly with their real personalities (and maturity to tone down some … questionable characteristics!).

To decorate, we set up small tables replicating Cluedo rooms for the teams to collaborate around. Although we didn’t use all the tables in the end, they certainly looked very cool. This one is the study – excuse the out-of-date plastic cup. I knew we were hanging on to the typewriter for a good reason!

21 - The cluedo-inspired table wpid-img_0916.jpg

The last part of my party was a challenge to write something you wish you knew when you were twenty one, or something you hope you’ll remember when you are 21, for those still under the age of complete adulthood. 🙂 Looking through these gems the next morning was very special and I hope I can remember and put them into practice.

It was such a fun day! I had a ball and am so thankful for everyone who participated in the mystery and dress up and just coming to help me celebrate! I am so thankful for the journey of life, for the friends we meet along the way, and the grace to just BE even if we dont’ have everything all together in our life. So thank you for reading!

Jess xx


4 thoughts on “Officially twenty-one.

  1. Happy 21st birthday Jess!! I loved reading your blog about your party. It looked so awesome, and the costumes were fabulous! I also really like the idea about people writing something they wished they knew when they were 21. I think I might do that at my 18th! All the best for the upcoming year. 🙂

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