Four things I learned from spending four days in bed

JL sunglasses

Four whole days of sick leave. Four days. I had never taken sick leave before, let alone a near week of it! I had obtained an eye infection – my own fault – and a cold, and combined together I spent Tuesday through half of Friday lying in my bed, sometimes sleeping, with sunglasses on, trying to shake the cold with super foods and ice cream, and trying to rest my eye from the Very Bright Outside World. I know, poor, poor me. 😛

I don’t rest very well. Out of all us Letchford kids, I am probably the worst sibling to get sick because I bemoan, whine, and don’t know whether to laugh or cry because I am so sick of being… sick. It’s a real deterrence to all the things that need doing, in my opinion.

But, as there was no help for it, I spent my days in bed (still bemoaning, sorry family – working on that one!) and came away with several learned lessons. Or, more truthfully, several lessons just started to be learned.

  1. It’s okay to be sick. My workplace or the world around me does not hinge on my existence. They will survive without you, my friend told me, and that they did. It’s okay to not soldier on, too – we aren’t immortal beings, but do get sick, and we do need to rest. It’s how our bodies work. It’s okay, also, to not have it ‘all together’ and never get unwell. It’s okay to get sick.
  2. I learned to rest a bit better. If I only had the cold, I probably would have soldiered on with medicine and a box of tissues. But my eye posed a problem; I couldn’t really do anything! This forced me to lie in a dark room and sleep and do nothing. When I’m sick, rest is what I want time off to do (and sometimes, it’s what I want to do even when I’m not sick!). But I push myself to keep doing stuff instead of allowing myself to rest (see point one), so it was an educational experience to do nothing, and it wasn’t quite so bad as I thought (because I found an audio book to listen to, so in a way, I was doing something…)
  3. I crave people. I’m a quiet sanguine; an extroverted introvert. I love being around people. Their very presence is generally enough to keep me happy, even without us interacting with each other. Living in a dimmed den for near-on 80 hours without a lot of people interaction drove me a little cabin-feverish and introspective! (Thanks to the friend who visited us this afternoon to make me happy again!). Point being, I am more of a social butterfly than I have sometimes given myself credit for!
  4. Health is important. Having a cold + a self-inflicted bung eye drove home the basics – all those healthy, scientific terms aren’t just about the science, they actually help our bodies function better. We thrive on fruit and vegetables, and chocolate is better off left as a treat. We need exercise, water, fresh air, movement, and good food to thrive physically (and emotionally) in our life!! Don’t assume it will always be there.

So this is what I have been thinking about while sick in bed! Hopefully I will take on board these and thoughts and turn them into action. 🙂 What have you learned through being sick?


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