sometimes it’s okay to be ugly

Some days, sometimes, it’s okay to be ugly. It’s not up to me to make beauty in life happen on my own. Sometimes, life hurts. Sometimes even our best selfie looks dopey. Sometimes my heart is battered and cracked or smashed; sometimes I can’t get the words out right, I drop the china, and I don’t know what to do with myself. Sometimes we do feel tired, grumpy, annoyed, and insecure. Sometimes I’m not happy. But thanks to the cross… He’s okay with me, because he took my sin away. The remnants I see are smudges of a fallen world where we need a God who loves us no matter what, who is my beauty, who doesn’t care about or define me by the mistakes I make but always, always is enough. He takes my shame, my sin, my imperfections, and kisses me better. One wound at a time. And even if I fumble about on stage or have a bad hair day, I am still worth a lot to God… just because.

// praying that this soaks into my heart and yours! xx


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