Currently… (MercyMe, Snow White, and cutting off somebody’s big toe)

snow white


I have ventured to go where I have never gone before. In the time frame of about two weeks, I’ll have bought three CD’s. I just don’t do this! I normally listen to one CD to death and then move on to the next one and agonise over spending the whopping $17.99 on a new album. Diamonds by Hawk Nelson is coming out on Monday, but I’ve bought their pre-releases and really like them! Jon, the lead singer, has a childish kind of voice but their heart for grace and energy for life exudes out of their songs.

I finally bought Tenth Avenue North’s Over And Underneath in its entirety, and it is fun, obviously-starting-out-music, but nonetheless honest lyrics. God’s love is over us and it’s underneath us, inside and in between.

And finally (drumroll please) – WELCOME TO THE NEW by MercyMe is the bomb. If you want an entire CD that talks about who we are in Jesus and how that changes every little bit of life, without sounding too cliché, this it! Through these three albums, I think God is trying to get deeper to me about comparison, acceptance, grace, and rest. It’s kind of a humbling but freeing feeling to realise… I don’t know everything. I have a long way to go. But I can #livelikeimloved, know that God is making #diamonds out of me, and that God #makesmeflawless.



Kinda connected to the theme of all this music, I bought in paperback form and started to read Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Blunt (not for the first time, but I attempt to finish it this time!). It’s all about Jesus + Nothing = Everything, which I know sounds sooooo cliché until you start to grasp that Jesus affects every area of my life and I really don’t need anything else.

Oh and I am STILL reading through The Hobbit. It is starting to get exciting now. 🙂


Yesterday was Mum’s birthday! I gave her a yellow chevron wooden chook. (She has a thing for decorative chickns, which is ironic because she has a fear of birds). She really likes it! I was very proud of myself for sneaking it in my shopping back in January when we went to Darwin for a week.

To celebrate, we went to our town’s drive-in Picture Gardens to watch Into The Woods. It was extra fun because it was a dress-up. I went as Snow White from Mirror Mirror, an outfit I’ve always really liked but never had an opportunity to dress up as her. I don’t think many people knew who I was but I did and that’s the main thing, right?!

The movie was a lot of fun. The music and voices were beautiful (except for AGONY, which made everyone cringe and laugh so bad at the same time!) and I liked how they included the GRIMM parts of the story, like cutting off the stepsisters’ heel or toe. There were definitely some questionable morals (‘moral relativism’ to be technical) and I really didn’t like how Cinderella and Prince Charming just gave up, just like that. I did, however, love the relationship between Mr and Mrs Baker and how Mr Baker learned to overcome his fears to do the right thing, to work as a team with his wife, and to accept that he could do stuff right. I think I enjoyed it slightly more than Maleficient, actually.

So yeah. What have YOU been up to lately?


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